Essays on Next PLC Cultural and Social Environment Case Study

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The paper "Next PLC Cultural and Social Environment" is a perfect example of a business case study.   Next PLC is a multinational clothing company and thus its business environment is set and suited according to the location. Therefore, various forces from various countries in which its operations are based effect Next PLC operations. SOURCE/FULL REFERENCE Next PLC. Next PLC Web site. 2015. http: //www. nextplc. co. uk/corporate-responsibility/environment. aspx and http: //www. nextplc. co. uk/about-next/business-overview. aspx (accessed March 26, 2015).   DESCRIPTION The website describes the next brand for the company Next PLC. It offers insights into the concepts under discussion. ANALYSIS (CONCEPTS, EXAMPLES, STATUS OF SOURCE, CRITIQUE etc) The Environment The factors include the culture of a particular country, the general tax laws and other operational rules and regulations set by the government of those countries, the economic depressions and booms, the natural weather and the general climate in those countries, and so forth.

Next PLC is aware that it is its responsibility to ensure a clean via reduction of both the direct and indirect effects which result from its operations. The company prioritizes the improvement of energy efficiency, minimising the waste that it produces and increasing its delivery fleet efficiency (Next PLC 2015).

Next PLC is thus a company that is keen on improving the environment in which it operates given that its operations result in the emissions of carbon directly. The company aims at achieving this through prioritization as stated above. Strategic Capabilities Next PLC aims at delivering stable long term returns to the investors and other stakeholders via a sustained growth in its earnings. The company aims at achieving this through developing new products that are in line with the current fashion trends, ensuring that the new stores it opens meet the profitability appraisal, participating in international sales, ensuring an efficient and secure financial structure and looking for efficient product sourcing.

The company also intends to manage stock-flow and general costs incurred to achieve its set objectives (Next PLC web site 2015). For instance, these strategies enabled the company to improve its revenues from 3.5 US dollars in the year 2013 to 3.7 US dollars in the year 2014.    


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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