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Transformation of the Roman Empire The Roman Empire was a vast empire that concentrated on the ofRome. Most of the Roman Empire had European countries. Rome ruled its subjects for over two centuries because of difference in political, economic, and military The Roman Empire is a centralized super state, which has existed for over 500 years. The Roman Empire used its military to control its enemies. The use of its militarys power enabled Rome to conquer land near them. During the rule of Diocletian and Constantine, Rome laid a foundation for the empire.

Diocletian and Constantine treated Christianity different from other rulers. During their reign, Diocletian persecuted Christians, which had a significant impact on Rome. On the hand, Constantine embraced Christianity embraced Christianity and made it a legal entity(Matthews, Platt&Noble, 415). The Roman Empire persecuted Christians before and later supported them. During the Constantine rule, the church functioned as a legal entity. The Catholic Church grew fast, and the bishops were prominent public figures. Christianity grew steadily and after a few years most of the individuals in the rural areas joined Christianity.

The church bishops had leading positions in ancient Rome. In addition to they were authoritative members of the society during the Constantine reign. There were fascinating moments when the notable achievement was Monasticism in Christianity. There was a complex relationship between the Christians and the Roman state (Matthews, Platt&Noble, 415). Despite the numerous diverse cultures, Christianity easily incorporated them. Christian writers during this time won the heart of many individuals across Rome. Catholic means universal and most of the communities believe they represent the church. Work citedMatthews, Roy T, F.

DeWitt Platt, and Thomas F. X Noble. Experience Humanities. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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