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The paper “ The Most Important Things to Get Right in a Successful Change Process” is a motivating example of an essay on management. Change is an unavoidable aspect of any forward-looking organization. It may come as a result of improvement in management, general staff or even the organizational structure itself. Individuals view change from different perspectives (Lozano, Ceulemans, & Scarff, 2014). Some may have a negative attitude towards change hence end up resisting it in an organization. In this case, they see change as a threat to their career in an institution.

On the other hand, others see change as an opportunity to advance. Such people have a positive attitude towards change hence support its implementation in the company. This paper provides the individual experience of the change process which had a direct effect on the sales department at KFC. Factors to Consider in Successful Change ProcessThe management has a duty to ensure that they prepare every employee and other stakeholders for a change. Failure to prepare them leads to unnecessary resistance which may have a potential impact during implementation (Thomson, 2012). Preparation may take various forms such as employee training and development.

It may take a long time but it is necessary to step towards the execution of change (Pollack, 2012). Let every individual within the organization get the correct information concerning the change in advance. Leaders may also seek the input of employees in the form of views concerning anticipated change. Employees, therefore, feel part of the process hence assisting in the implementation. Any reasonable professional, especially in management matters, is always ready for change. He or she is aware that changes are there to happen due to unavoidable aspects such as consumer demand, technology, and legislation among others. There are various types of change that happen in an organization namely technological change, structural change and personnel change among others.

Note that any change affects the operations of the business within the organization hence the need for effective management (Armstrong, 2012). Change management entails ensuring every stakeholder is part of the process. Managers concerned should provide the necessary leadership by incorporating every individual to ensure acceptability. When this happens, the organization is sure of successful adaptation and implementation thus a positive impact on operations (Rousseau, & Barends, 2011).

Interpersonal and communication skills are essential aspects of the change management process and when one has them, he or she becomes of great help during the execution stage. One is able to convince others why change has to happen and how to benefit from it. Such skills had an essential impact on the successful change process in KFC since I managed to convince my colleagues in sales on available benefits. Things to Get Right in a Successful Change ProcessThere are several things that management should get right in a successful change process.

They are aspects that should be given essential consideration before, during and after implementing the change. It requires managerial skills to analyze these things critically in order to obtain acceptability as well as sufficient support in the process. As stated earlier, there are some people in an organization that feel threatened by the change (Armstrong, 2012). Does this mean you ignore their concerns and move on with the process? Doing so can only make matters worse since every individual is important to the change process.

The management should address every underlying issue bearing in mind the need for sufficient support from every person within the organization (Thomson, 2012).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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