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HISTORYThe Salvation Army, which is a Christian organization, was started in 1865 by William booth who was a London minister before leaving the pulpit for social work in the streets. He did this with his wife Catherine. The original purpose of was make converts build churches, but after realizing that the poor people in the society never enjoyed or never felt comfortable in most churches in victorial England. Hence he decided to look for churches for this group of people. The main church he found for them was the East London Christian mission (Wilson, 53).

The army had made its presence in the whole world by 1900s. the major services of the organization is child work and others like financial support, help those with gambling problems, tracing of missing people, provision and searching for employment opportunities for those without employment. In 1878, the name “Salvation Army” was adopted, originally known as Christian Mission. The word Salvation sums up meaning a church that been built up to save people. Salvation Army has been a service in Australia for over 125 years.

The organization is known to be operating in 113 countries in the world. The Salvation Army international headquarters is in 101 Victoria Street in London, and there are four administration offices in Victoria. They are located in Melbourne Central, Eastern Victoria, Northern Victoria and Western Victoria. Retrieved from: http: //www. salvos. com/about. htm. On 21st October, 2009. 2:07 P. MHistory of land lease company limitedLend lease, is one of Australia’s biggest public companies, and is the best integrated real estate group. This company is operational in more 41 countries on 6 continents. But its major presence is in the United States, Asia pacific region and South America.

Since its creation, it has been an incorporated property service, dealing in development of properties, investment, construction of industrial, residential and commercial facilities(construction is mainly conducted through its subsidiary, the Bovis lend lease). The company has started dealing in management of funds in recent times (Forde, Kevin, 54). Post-war 11foundations In the late years of 1940s Australia’s main economic activity was sheep farming and its population was about eight million. The country was underdeveloped and depended on Europe and other countries for its basic needs.

This was in exchange for wool. Due to the risk of the second war on such an existence, Australia realized that there was need for its own skills and natural resources. Due to the dry climate, Australia had to look for other means for a plentiful supply of water if it was to develop. In other to achieve the government started the so called Snow mountains scheme, whereby alpine river, which is snow fed, was to be tamed via the interrupting the course of its sea weed.

Unfortunately the Australian government did not have enough resources to implement this project. This forced government to create a mission that was to go the entire world with aim of recruiting labors, engineers and tradesmen. Bouwbedrijf of Bredero and another company known as royal Dutch harbor company answered to this call in Amsterdam. Gerard, a thirty year old engineer was sent by Bredero’s on a fact finding mission for the Dutch construction company. After his tour he found great opportunities and potential for civil construction. The young engineer convinced the two organizations to start a venture that was to be joint (Frith, Bryan, 24).

Consequently, they formed Civil and civil constructors in 1951 with the under the young engineer (Düsseldorf). The first project for this new company was the provision of two hundred houses for the snow mountain project. The first thirty five labors for this company were recruited from the Netherlands by Dusseldorf. After the completion of its first project, the company was presented by other jobs and hence it started the expansion process. Being the company’s MD, Dusseldorf was focusing on expanding the company‘s operation in Australia with the main focus being Sydney, the capital city (Martinez, Barbara, 14).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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