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Letter of Recommendation for Harvard Business School MBA Admission April 4, The Admissions Officer Harvard Business School Part I. I high recommend the admission of the applicant, Mr. Tuan Nguyen, to your prestigious graduate school of business. Being of excellent academic fiber, the applicant eyes a spot in the worlds best business school, Harvard. Based my personal interaction with the applicant, he generated a trend of successfully ripping off all barriers to the accomplishment of his assigned marketing responsibilities (Lancaster20). He has the innate talent to bring out all the talents of his subordinates.

He can easily persuade each employee to give their 200 percent to surpassing the corporate teams high quality time-constrained goals and objectives in excellent fashion. With the applicants leadership prowess, all quality and quantity deadlines are met, throwing away the need for excuses. He has the ingenuity to resolve each new challenging task within half the average persons resolution time. In addition, He showed shrewdness during the harsh times, especially the recent economic depression that erased many steadfast companies from the face of our globalized American corporate world into forgotten oblivion by increasing revenues where other mere marketing mortals have failed.

The applicants continuing success is based on the strong military leadership training selectively picked up from multiple cross cultural environments such as the US, Vietnam, Kuwait, and UAE. In terms of mental athletics, the applicant has above average mental prowess, especially in the much needed areas of mathematics, English fluency, creativity, innovativeness, with his “never say die” attitude. He is well rounded person. He can easily blend into any group, being an outgoing person. Part II.

Further, the applicant performs better than the average well- qualified individuals engaged in the same tasks. As one of the top marketing consultants for our globalized American company, management only has to spell the framework of the entire marketing process for the applicant to comfortably jump into the quagmire of his marketing jobs intricacies to enhance customer relations. With the skeletal marketing goals and objects information, the applicant can creatively come up with results- effective revenue increasing marketing strategies. In addition, the applicants ingenious marketing strategy is better than the companys standard procedures.

His uniquely innovative procedure reduces variable and fixed marketing costs by 60 percent, focusing on reducing avoidable travel, entertainment, and advertising. The applicant is enthusiastically ready to calm an irate customer, with his helpful smiles. Furthermore, his academic and work background makes him as the cream of the crop of future leaders. He has a business and military management background in Finance and Contract management. His related expertise includes acquisition operations, competitive analysis, strategic combat leadership and man-management in multiple cross cultural environments. His background in the field of innovation under the Humanity Project Consultant internship program is another feather on his cap of Harvard entry advantages.

During the Rwandan startup business program, the applicant successfully increased revenues. The applicant successfully recommended the streamlining of financial models, global competitive analysis and global marketing strategic plans for client in an emerging global economy; strengthening weak domestic infrastructures while developing cultural sensitivity applicable to business functions in handicraft industry. Part III. I gave the applicant the best constructive feedback “leadership is not born but gained”.

During his first few months on the job, the applicant effectively got all members of the marketing team to contribute their best to meet established goals and objectives. Initially, he helped other marketing personnel improve their craft. The applicant discussed the concepts of product, price, place, promotion, and person (marketing representative) aspects of modern day marketing. The feedback encouraged the applicant to study management, psychology, and other related books. Immediately, the applicant grabbed the nearest copy of professional books related to management and marketing. With the management books, the Harvard applicant was instrumental in increasing the teams overall sales figures.

In addition, with the relevant management and other theories, he perfectly created a synergy team by fusing updated marketing strategy and change management concepts. The concepts cropped up from his unselfish desire to solidify and weed out the inefficiencies of the teams benchmark- achieving efforts. He created the complementary blend of the marketing personnels diverse cultures, with flying colors. This was accomplished by explaining to the marketing personnel to prioritize the teams interests over personal interests.

The blend increased quality as well as quantity outputs. Now, he wants to enter Harvards high impenetrable walls to gain the time- treasured management and inter-personal knowledge to add to his present management knowledge and skills. The Harvard academic ingredients will definitely contribute more to speeding up the applicants understanding and contributing to healing of the global economy. Part IV. There are many good points that encourage me to recommend the applicant’s admission to Harvards great storehouse of strategic management and marketing knowledge. First, he is eager to schedule lots of quality research time to absorb all Harvard knowledge imparted.

He is prepared to undergo all rigorous assignments, especially in the areas of finance, accounting, management, economics, and the social sciences. Harvard school will also benefit from the applicants emotional intelligence. He can easily bring out the best in his classmates during group activities. In addition, he has the physical talent to accomplish all academic tasks with finesse. His zealous drive to present high quality papers within deadlines effortlessly makes him one of the top Harvard students. With a Harvard degree permanently tucked under his belt, accomplish his dream to be one of the nations effective leaders is shortened.

Further, the applicants personal qualities will surely gain him honors status. He enjoys delving into challenging tasks with an open mind. He does not take discouraging comments at face value. He researches each assigned tasks reliable resources, He scrutinizes both primary and secondary resources as a basis for coming up with a winning hypothesis. He prioritizes the use of the scientific method. He uses the method in every marketing survey.

The survey focuses on the marketing field of information gathering and research data interpretation. He is at home with statistics. As a computer science student, he is an expert in the use of software programs in the field of survey statistics. Based on the above four discussions, please find a special slot for the applicant in your Harvard MBA program so he can fulfill his elusive dreams for society and Harvard will greatly benefit from his Harvard entry. Sincerely yours, Manager Aziz Life Works Cited Lancaster, Geoffrey.

Essentials of Marketing Management. New York: Taylor & Francis Press, 2010. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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