Essays on Particularities in the Marketing Mix for Service Operations Case Study

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The paper "Particularities in the Marketing Mix for Service Operations" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Case Study. Products must be able to provide benefits that enhance the situation of users (Baker & Saren, 2010). In our case, we will consider Levi's® jeans for women. Levi's® jeans are the original, authentic jeans produced by Levi Strauss & Co. The products has over the time continued to define Jeanswear providing a wide range of products which vary from quintessential classics such as Levi's® 501® Original jean, to favorite fits and styles in the Red Tab™ and premium collections.

The photo below illustrates Red Tab™ for women. Levi's® jeans for women is one of the foremost revenue earners for the Levi company. Levi's® jeans allow women around the globe to express their personal style. The firm values innovation and as such its products are constantly evolving to meet the consumer's needs (Belohlavek, 2008). The newest product for women is Levi’ s® Curve ID denim line. The picture below illustrates women in Levi’ s® Curve ID denim. This product has been touted to be one of Levi’ s revolutionary products.

It is based on the shape rather than the size. Thus, the product allows women to find apparel that matches their shape. The product has won the hearts of over a million women since its launch in 2010. The brand celebrates women and their shape. Levi’ s® jeans emphasize quality, style, and function in their production. Even though Levi's® jeans have been one of the most imitated clothing products it stands out as a specialty product among women who love the style, quality, and function of their Jeanswear. Women who fall under this category search extensively and are often reluctant to accept substitutes for the Levi brand.

This product is chosen for consideration because of its history of valuing quality in all its products and its success in the market (Haberer, 2010). Levi's® jeans for women are valued because of the wide range of products in this category. In addition, they are valued because of their emphasis on quality, style, and function which are the main attributes valued by women when buying clothing products. Products typically have three levels: core product, the actual product, and the augmented product.

The core product is what the consumer actually buys in terms of benefits. For the case of Levi's® jeans for women, consumers buy the value that the apparel delivers. Thus the product is meant for value-conscious consumers. The actual product is built around the actual product. It consists of the brand name, features, packaging, parts, and styling. These components are the ones that provide the product the benefits it confers to consumers and as such are sought at the core level. In the case of Levi's® jeans for women, quality, style, and function are emphasized in the production in order to deliver value sought at the core level.

In addition, Levi's® brand is a unique and effective brand that is associated with quality and hence it also helps add value to Levi's® jeans for women that is sough at the core level. Furthermore, the brand has a long history of quality and its packaging reflects this since it is re-designed in-store packaging to add value that is sought during the core level.

The in-store re-design help to differentiate Levi's® jeans for women from other clothing apparel that traditionally packaged in standard shopping bag. This gives Levi's® jeans for women a unique, functional and memorable form that adds to the core and actual component of the apparel. The augmented components consist of additional services and benefits that surround the core and actual components of the product. This may include things such as technical assistance in operating product and service agreements. The store that sells Levi's® jeans for women has great customer service that helps customers with the choice of the right apparel based on the shape of the consumer.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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