Essays on Understanding the Employment Relationship Coursework

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The paper "Understanding the Employment Relationship" is an outstanding example of business coursework.   In the carrying out of the operations of the company, there are several conflicts that are eminent in the various departments. These can be attributed to the lack of a common and similar focal point or basis of the undertaking of the operations. Through this, the conflict of interest between the management and the employees has constituted the existence of conflicts in the industrial relations between them. This is a field of study that is concerned with the enhancement of employment and employee relations.

The undertaking of this analysis will aid the organization and the management to deal with the issues that have been raised in an easy and quick manner as to eliminate any chances of failure or collapse of the business. All the departments of the company have issues that they have pointed out that limit the effectiveness of the operations of the business. This has been through such things as the lack of addressing the grievances that have been raised by the employees. This has had the effect of resulting in a high employee turn overrate in the business.

Through this, the business is set to make losses if the trend persists. This is the reason why the undertaking of the study is important in the addressing of the issues that have arisen in the operations of the employees in the undertakings in the business. Commonalities and differences of interest have emerged in the operations. Through this study, they have been addressed and the best way to deal with them to the best of the interest of the company.

Peter (2002)     Design department The respective workers in this department feel let down by the management in addressing their issues. This is mostly so on matters to do with the pay. The solution that lies for the issues affecting this department can be resolved through the implementation o fully of the unitarist perspective. This is in the meeting of the goals that have been set by each and every person in the department. The management, therefore, needs to aid the people in the attaining of the goals that they have set.

This will be to the better of the performance of set duties and in a timely manner. The design department elicits traits that are unlike those that are elicited by the fabrication and the assembly department. This is because, on its part, people feel that their creativity. There is, therefore, no similarity in the attributes of the management with those of the employees. Radical approach Based on the analysis of the operations of the company and this department, in particular, there are several issues that have emerged. Based on this the industry has failed in most of the activities as in relation to the management of the staff and the employees.

It has as a result of this should put in place measures that are aimed at the development of proper management techniques. This will have a direct impact on the performance of the organization. It will also boost the relationships that exist between the staff and the organization. Through this, it will be forged to greatness in its operations.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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