Essays on Organisational Behavior and Leadership Assignment

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The paper "Organisational Behavior and Leadership " is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Organisational behavior and leadership are a very important aspect of management in the contemporary business environment. This is because they help organizations ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the operations. In this analysis, the discussion will address different aspects of organizational behavior and leadership in reference to the case of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) in Australia. l. What do you think caused Deborah to react in such a manner towards Melinda? Do you think these reactions were justified? Different factors had prompted the reaction by Deborah towards Melinda.

First and foremost, Deborah is of the view that after working for the company for 15 years as opposed to Melinda’ s 2 years, she was entitled to the promotion. This is to take the role of the office executive manager. The behavior demonstrated by Deborah was a result of the fear that the new organizational structure was going to threaten her stay in the company and this is especially when she has developed her own behaviors which she is comfortable with.

With the promotion of Melinda, Deborah is subject to a new structure something that will not be consistent with her behavior. For instance, it is clear from the work context that Deborah is used to spending more work hours for lunch and in school to pick her children. Now, given the fact that she is no longer in charge, this tendency which is a culture that she has developed over the years, would not be working anymore as limitations will definitely come into play. According to Harris & Kacmar (2006), the organizational effectiveness highly depends on the prevailing organizational structure and behavior both of which are key factors in the performance of any organization.

Having worked for two years with Melinda, Deborah was also very much aware that Melinda was going to implement very strict work-related policies which will go against her practice. The behavior demonstrated by Deborah was, therefore, was the kind of response to try and resist any move to structure the office in such a way that will negatively impact on her life. Further, Deborah was trying to demonstrate her dissatisfaction given the fact that she had worked in the company for long years without a promotion.

Finally, there was the element of culture in the office. This can be seen in a case where Deborah was trying to request for preferential treatment from Melinda as it has been in the past. Looking at the context under which Melinda and Deborah were working in one could easily argue that even though Deborah was not entitled to the reaction demonstrated to Melinda, the organizational policy was not very clear on work practice, employee development and promotion.

This is because it is not clear what David, the executive director of HIA had considered before promoting Melinda. This could cause some job dissatisfaction to some of the members of her team. This is because there is no clear policy to follow and which everybody understands. In general, therefore, the organization is not in the right footing with regard to dealing job dissatisfaction and employee promotion (Rhodes et al 2005).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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