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The paper "The Global Marketing Environment" is a wonderful example of a literature review on macro and microeconomics. Globalization is all about economies in the world integrating. This is mostly in terms of the flow of finances and trade. In situations where there is a flow of technology, knowledge, and labor across international barriers, it can also be termed as globalization. Other people define it as a situation where market capitalism is expanded and accelerated. It is always associated with an increase in liberalization. (Roth and Morrison, 1992) Globalization implies a process of aggravation of political, economic, and cultural interdependence amid the different actors within the global system.

Globalization is more systematic in the economic field where it signifies a process of intensification of national economies with the purpose of developing the capacity of the global economy to work as a unit. The global marketing environment is quite dynamic and complex in nature. This paper, therefore, deals with a literature review on the global marketing environment topic. It specifically handles the impact of the global marketing environment on marketing. In this case, various aspects of the global marketing environment will be handled, and their overall impact on marketing.

They include technological aspects, economy, political changes, social-cultural and legal issues. (Roth and Morrison, 1992) Literature review Research carried out by various scholars shows that the global marketing environment comprises of different factors that affect marketing in one way or another. Some of the issues that are characterized therein include the dynamism of customer preferences and the overall proliferation of diverse channels of marketing. The competition in the global environment remains to be challenging for newcomers in the global market and also for organizations that are well established in the businesses.

The global marketing environment also requires a very high quality of products and services. This compliance is usually adhered to so that organizations can increase their market share despite other challenges that are encountered. This in essence ends up making the aspect of profit-making to be secondary to other imperative features for survival in the business. (Roth and Morrison, 1992)


Roth, K., and Morrison, A.J. (1992): Implementing global strategy: characteristics of global subsidiary mandates", Journal of International Business Studies, pp.715-35
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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