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Literature Review: GUM clinic, a sexual health clinicExecutive SummaryThe focus of this literature review is on the importance of healthcare intervention relevant to nursing intervention in relation to GUM clinics or sexual health clinics. The paper would attempt to understand the importance of nursing intervention in sexual health clinics and what are the primary roles of nurses in GUM clinics. My paper would also provide a background on the responsibilities of nurses in GUM clinics, especially focusing on the problems and issues faced by the staff while dealing with sexual health patients.

The primary source for information in this paper is secondary research, especially focusing on various medical and nursing-related academic papers. By the end of this study, I would try to establish the importance of nursing professionals in providing successful intervention to sexual health patients. Rationale behind the studyThe research attempts to find out the importance of nursing professionals in providing successful intervention to GUM clinics patients. I have chosen this particular topic because experts have indicated that the role of the nursing professionals in the field of sexual health is ever increasing.

As per experts, nurse has established such a prime position in sexual health that they have been included in the primary care services as well (Seibert 2001). The nurses in the sexual healthcare are no longer just caregivers; instead they also have to provide advices and guidance to their patients. Their roles are continuously evolving from being health assistances to that of advisors. Nurses in sexual health clinics definitely have an enviable role and a very privileged position to interact and directly influence patients about their health and lifestyle choices.

Thus, my research would try to find out whether nurses in sexual health clinics truly hold an important position or not. MethodologyI propose to use secondary research methodology for undertaking this study, as I believe that secondary research is significant for analysing the role of nursing professionals in GUM clinics. A secondary research is the best fit for this topic because it provides an initial understanding about GUM clinics and problems encountered by nurses while working in such clinics, as well as provide a base for further research.

I have also relied heavily on secondary data and research, especially secondary literature and academic papers on the subject written by various experts. Most of the study papers, used in this research, are peer-reviewed articles written by sexual health experts, who have significant amount of experience in the field of sexual health intervention. I have used databases such as Cinahl and Nursing Times as my sources of information. Further, I have taken help from other specialised medicine-based databases such as the British Journal of General Practice and Medscape. My search strategy involved finding relevant articles on the topics that are written by reliable writers and most importantly peer-reviewed for their authenticity.

Literature ReviewIntroductionGentio-urinary medicine (GUM) clinics are commonly referred to as sexual health clinics. These kinds of clinics are usually found at the local hospitals or as an entity within a health centre. In the UK, the Family Planning Association lists all the sexual health clinics in the country in its website. These clinics usually conduct tests to find out sexual or urinary related diseases such as sexually transmitted infections, bladder infection or any such infections of the genitals.

Most of these clinics are usually referred to by the general practitioners for cases such as HIV/AIDS, syphilis and genital warts.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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