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The paper "Current Gurus that Are Influencing Management Thinking Today in Australia" is a great example of management coursework.   There is stiff competition in today’ s global market. Every brand in Australia is concerned about the new forms of e-business. This enables businesses to create a good network so as to reach their consumers. The advancement of technology has really helped the managements to develop new ways of solving the problems that they encounter in their professions. This, however, calls for critical or strategic thinking, this is thinking widely or from different perspectives about a decision before taking it.

It can also be known as long term planning about a project and enables the management to plan ahead or be proactive. Strategic thinking bridges the gap between the present performance of an organization and the objectives it sets for the future by accomplishing the responsibilities. Thus this kind of thinking gives the participants the ability to know the lifecycle of planning through the use of experience to assist in prospect action and deciding the best practices to be incorporated in the daily operations. This area is very sensitive and requires people with excellent knowledge of the field.

Most of the well-established identities like Australia have gurus who research on the best factors that the management should put onto considerations before taking actions so as to ensure that their decisions are effective to their work (Lazear, Edward p 99-146) Current ‘ gurus’ that are influencing management thinking today in Australia and/or overseas So as to boost the financial status, Australia and other top identities are concentrating on the internationalization of business starting from the trading companies to the banks.

This means having more businesses hence the need to have well-developed strategies in the internationalization of management. There are many experts or gurus who are concerned about providing thoughts or relationships in management. For example, in May 2002, the Institute for Strategic Change at Accenture (ISCA) undertook a wide analysis to determine the most effective business scholars. The following year a list of the 50 top intellectuals was released and they could lead the whole business world (Denslow p 23-34). The areas where these philosophers mostly concentrated on include: the business management, public relations, strategic planning and so on by providing outstanding guidance in the human resource organization and policy development.

Many of these gurus have published articles on management and other business-related practices. The board in the ISCA also went further and provided a list of the top ten gurus in the business world. These are people who are prominent and most effective in the running of the top international organizations and management of the world’ s top identities like America (Robert Reich p 234-250). Robert Reich is one of those considered to be in the list of the top ten.

Currently, he is working at the University of California at Berkeley as a professor of Public Policy. Before joining this profession he served in other national administrations like being the author of twelve books including the one about The Work of Nations, Locked in the Cabinet and the most recent about Supercapitalism and then worked as the Secretary of Labour under the government of President Bill Clinton (William Thompson 234-345).

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