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The paper "Buying Lifting Belts '' is a great example of a biology assignment. According to Dr. Mackay, all kinds of workplaces are stresses with work pressure, but physical comfort minimizes these pressures to a great extent. It is therefore very important to facilitate all the workers and the employees with proper physical comforts. In a way, there should be the availability of all those equipment that can give more relaxation to the body. This is the basic thing that can comfort the mind to a great extent and can increase the quality of the world.

The psychological impact and stresses are more dependable over the number of physical stresses. If the mind is preoccupied with the physical inconvenience then there cannot be well organized working spirits. It is stated that will diminish the status and efficiency of any work. Thus it is very important to have physical comfort so that more work can be delivered in the lesser time span. Robert Snook discovers that musculoskeletal disorders and injuries are 3 times still more in the developed countries of the world. The reason behind is the unavailability of all kinds of physically supported equipment in the lifting process.

These musculoskeletal injuries in most of the workplaces are causing serious disability in almost all the developed nation. It is very important to have some exclusive and comprehensive programmes in order to check the preplacement testing and training of all the employees. Added to this it is also very important to have ergonomics appropriate treatments made compulsory for all. As for Robert Snook, this ergonomics appropriate treatment will minimize lots of disabilities and will provide adequate prevention to many.

He also supported enlightened management and some spaces for cooperative unions in the workplaces. Robert Snook is a strong believer of all these amalgamations and finds it to be the absolute solution for the same. The purpose of buying lifting belts is to make the manual lifting easier and to protect the lifters from IAP, i.e. , intra-abdominal pressure. In the modern setting, and as per A. Amendola, in ‘ An investigation of the effects of external support on manual lifting’ , with the availability of lifting belts the application of the same is very important.

It gives very less pressure to the lumbar spine and thus is very effective while making a manual lift. It is also very important as it has been found to be very helpful in making the abdominal muscle work in a much easier and comfortable way (Morris et. al. 1961).


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