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The paper 'Logistics Management' Issues is a wonderful example of a Management Essay. Logistics is basically the flow of various factors such as goods, information, energy, and people from one point to another. The point where it starts is the point of origin and the endpoint is called the point of consumption. Logistic management is a part of the supply chain management or product management that deals with organizing and controlling the flow and storage of goods and services, and also takes into account the related information that is used in the production process, which flows from one point to another.

The essay focuses on the importance of the logistic components in the effective management of McDonald’ s food chain. McDonald's is one of the leading food chains in the world, and many use it as an example of the global economy, as it is today functioning across the world, in almost all the countries in the world. McDonald's is a global manufacturer and holds an important place as a food chain in the global hospitality industry. It was started by the two McDonald brothers in San Bernardino, California in the 1940s, and it has since then grown and developed into the world’ s largest food chain, holds an impressible place in the quick service restaurants for informal eating in every country where it functions.

This global foodservice retailer has more than 30,000 local restaurants, provides more than 52 million people, and is functioning in over a 100 countries in the world. In this paper, we shall make an attempt to study and analyze the logistical management of this mammoth organization. We shall focus on four main components of the logistic mix, namely: transportation, packaging, storage facilities, and communications. The company is global and due to its magnanimous size, it requires a huge amount of resources and input.

These have to be transported from the market to the factories for the raw materials to be processed and then these have to be transported to the McDonald outlets that are situated all over the world. This is a very expensive procedure as there are a number of outlets, and the products produced are perishables and have to transported with care while ensuring that hygiene and quality are maintained. The management of the transportation has to be done to ensure that the resources are utilized to their maximum capacity, the time that is taken to transport the material is minimal and that the conditions are controlled to ensure that the food does not get spoilt or rot.

Transportation of the food and other perishable methods has to be done with the help of freezers, and ‘ warm weather’ , where the temperatures are controlled. The food products are frozen, and they are cooked as and when required to fill the demand, and if not required they can be kept in storage.

This is the most economical and hygienic method of transformation of food. Other products such as sugar, coffee, etc are also all custom made, and the company transports these to its outlets. The company raises its own chicken, hens, pigs, cows, and other poultry and has faced heat over this from PETA continuously. PETA believes that these animals are raised in cruel conditions and have protested and campaigned against McDonald's vehemently.

These animals are then transported to factories and processed. The transportation system of the organization employs trucks, airplanes, refrigerated load carriers, trains, etc.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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