Essays on Logistical Challenges for a Coal Transporting Company Case Study

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The paper "Logistical Challenges for a Coal Transporting Company" is a perfect example of a management case study. This report presents the logistical and management efforts that have to be made by an Australian mining company in transporting thermal coal from Alpha in Western Queensland to Abbot Point port on Northeast Queensland. The distance between the two cities is 500 km and the main form of transport involved in transporting the materials is rail. During the transportation process, it will be necessary to ensure that the company complies with a number of logistical requirements from Australian Quarantine and Inspection (AQIS) as well as ensuring items information in regarding the goods being transported are provided.

This is because, in any country, there are logistical and transportation regulations that have to be met by any transporting company (Quiroga, 2011). In addition, it will be necessary to ensure personal information regarding transporters and the people involved in the transportation process are documented. These regulations are applied in most countries in most parts of the world and it is necessary to ensure the company involved in the transportation of coal from Alpha in Western Queensland to Abbot point Port in Northern Queensland complies with these regulations (Oxford Business Group, 2012).

By complying with these regulations, there are a number of advantages that the company can benefit from. For instance, it will be easy to track the activities of the company to ensure it does not engage in illegal activity. It will also ensure the transporting company doe s not carry loads that are beyond the safety levels. The other benefit that the company can derive from understanding the logistical requirements is that it will ensure its activities do not result in harm to plants, animals and biodiversity of the transport areas. Discussion of logistics requirements to be met Logistical Challenges in transporting the locomotives and wagons The transporting company involved in transporting the wagons and locomotives will experience a number of logistical and challenges during the process of transporting these goods.

For instance, it will be necessary to ensure the weights of the wagons are not too great to be transported safely by the trains. It will also be necessary to ensure the bulk purchase is optimized by executing the rail supply chain for coal products (Krumm and Kharas, 2004).

It will be necessary to come up with a system for management of wagons used by the railroads such as the incorporation of train and railcar management, revenue settlement and car hire accounting. The transporting company will be faced with the challenge of finding a method of managing rail operations, process inventory and controlling transportation. It will also be necessary to come up with a method of managing bulk products by coming up with production planning methods, status determination methods and fulfillment rates that are managed through an integrated platform. Another challenge is that it will be necessary for the transporting company to enable freight customers to optimize logistics that are bound to outside location through maximization of fuel expense and reducing the overall operating costs.

Thus, in order to solve this, the transporting company will have to invest in fast-moving trains that will require automated real-time train planning (Ghose and Dhar, 2000).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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