Essays on How to Ease Operational Challenges Faced by Distributional Channels Literature review

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The paper “ How to Ease Operational Challenges Faced by Distributional Channels” is a spectacular variant of the literature review on management. Distribution channels are intermediaries or business channels through which services and goods undergo until they reach the consumer. Channels of distribution may incorporate retailers, distributors, the internet, and wholesalers. The channels classified as either indirect or direct. Direct channels allow the consumer purchase products directly from the manufacturer while indirect channel allows the consumer to purchase the wholesaler’ s good. Therefore, channels that are indirect are considered longer than the direct Cross, R., Higbie, J., and Cross, D.

(2009). Distributions channels tend to undergo various operational challenges. In this research paper, the managing cost of distribution channels and the regulation of services or goods of different markets as operational challenges facing distributional channels, and how to improve these challenges will be elaborated. Background and literature reviewThe management cost of distributional channelsIn regards to Porteous, D. (2009). The most crucial challenges faced by managers within channels of distribution include relying on wholesalers, retailers, and independent agents. This may arise when achieving levels of efforts of the promotional types that are high within this particular channel, servicing customers following the sale, and collecting market information that is timely.

In most case, firms are able to gain better jurisdiction of these activities through the use of more vertically integrated and direct distribution channels O'gunn, T. (2008). It’ s easier to gain control of the sales force of a company and warehouses of companies that are owned, Web sites and retail outlets, and somehow difficult to keep on check many independent middlemen’ s self conduct in order to find replacements that are acceptable for the ones who do poor work. Issues" and "challengesThe problem of replacement may not be easy especially in cases where an intermediary is obligated to invest in assets that are known to be specialized in nature such for instance training which is extensive or capital equipment specialized in order to enable for the effective selling of service or goods of the manufacturer.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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