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The paper "Effectiveness of the Business Communication System" is a good example of a business research paper. This long business report is on the results of the staff consultation plan which was carried out among the staff members to review the effectiveness of the internal communication of an organization. It is organized into well-labelled chapters with different subtopics under each for clarity. The introduction of the whole article provides a rough idea of its contents. The information about the significance of well-established business communication and the effects it can have on the concern organization is clearly explained.

There is also well-elaborated data on the Intercultural Business Communication and Development of Staff Competency. This explains the present system of communication in the organization and what can be done to improve it and the competence of the workers. There also exists a conclusion and a section that contains my opinions on what I think the management can do to improve or implement a better communicating system. Materials which were used to guide the research process and the individuals consulted as samples to provide data is listed in the last chapter. To: The business’ s Senior Executive Team of Senior Partners From: Graduate Assistant Officer RE: THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE ORGANISATION’ S INTERNAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM Enclosed is the report on the effectiveness of the organization’ s internal business communication system.

I have also included my recommendation that adopts a better system that is convenient to every staff member. Please call if any clarification based on the information provided is necessary. The success of the whole process was enhanced by the Senior Executive Officer. Thank you for that opportunity and am looking forward to another chance to conduct such activity in future. Enclosure: Report 1.0 Introduction For any organization to achieve its goals and objectives there is the need to have a well-organized communication network so as to bring or unite the workers to communally work as one body.

Every shareholder should be informed of the present performance of the organization and future expectations (goals). This also facilitates the sense of belonging and enhances hard work to meet the set objectives. 2.0 Effectiveness of the Business Communication System 2.1 Literature Review Our organization is multinational because it is off-shored hence dispersed in eight nations.

Although its main management point is in the central office in Australia, there are other sub-management based on the various offices of management, for example, there are five Offices in Australia: Central Office with 25 staff members, North Office has 20 staff, South Office with 21 members, East Office 42 workers and West Office 17 staff members. There are other two International Offices one based in the Asia Pacific and has 20 workers and another one in the Middle East with 30 staff members, then there some other 30 virtual workers who are off sited. All the different centres have their own styles of doing things and some do not even know the aim or the main objective of the organization as a whole but have come up with their own goals.

This is as a result of the poor communication between different branches and the central management (Kaul, 2004). Rodriques (2002) argues that the hard copied messages that the other workers receive from the central management do not give them a clear picture of the organization hence they do not understand some of the business issues.

Some of them are formatted in very formal manners that the receiver only fears and respect them but does not know the best action to take against them (Murphy et al, 2000).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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