Essays on Looking Ahead At Technology And Changes With The Hotel Industry Coursework

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Technology and Changes in the Hotel Industry Affiliation: Technology and Changes in the Hotel Industry The hospitality business is guided by the needs of their customer and hence with the latest digitization of the human race, the industry must digitize. Guests are demanding better standards and latest technologies as days go by. Most guests want high-speed internet connections, and this makes them very choosy on the kind of hotel to go to. All hotels with no Wi-Fi connection are running out of business, and the situation could even get worse they fail to digitize (Seth & Bhat, 2008).

The limitation of the number of device entries per room is being eliminated since most customers have over three devices. Architectural Excellency has always been a matter of concern to most visitors (Information Resources Management Association & Khosrow-Pour, 2002). The field has not been left behind and has also developed technologically. On normal occasions, a visitor will prefer to go to a hotel with better architecture and hence there is a need for the hospitality sector to keep up with the latest architecture. Latest technologies allow for automation of many services, and research has shown that most customers prefer automated services, and it would dictate which hotel to go to.

Therefore, hospitality centers should focus on digitizing their services in order to keep existing clients and fascinate new clients (Information Resources Management Association & Khosrow-Pour, 2002). From my research, I learnt that the hospitality industry is focused on comfort. All technology advancements have a comfort element in them, and hence, it is mandatory that hospitality centers keep advancing. Having the latest technologies such as superfast Wi-Fi networks or the best architecture makes the hotel a better home than the visitor’s home, and this prompts them to coming back again (Seth & Bhat, 2008).

In the course of my study and career I will create emphasis on technology since it’s an important factor in the industry. In conclusion, the hotel industry may end up making losses if it fails to keep adjusting to the latest technologies. On the other hand, the business will flourish more with alignment to technology. ReferencesInformation Resources Management Association. , & Khosrow-Pour, M.

(2002). Issues & trends of information technology management in contemporary organizations. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Publishing. Seth, P. N., & Bhat, S. S. (2008). Successful tourism management. New Delhi: Sterling Publishers.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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