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Looking at the CEO Michael Critelli QUESTION Undergraduate Education as Preparation The Bachelor’s in communications and political science was thechoice. Communication is the art of enclosing and coding information. The information is then transferred from source to recipient. A channel has to be established for the information to travel. This is a continuous involved process. This is true because there must be feedback. The object it to have some common ground between the parties. An effort has to be made to avoid the barriers to communication.

Two such barriers are overload and complexity. The overload is when too much information is passed. This results in not enough time to assimilate the information. The complexity problem is when the information picture impact is not fully evaluated. The communication picture is the sharing and transfer of ideas. Political science is the study of human behavior. One of the main things humans do is to communicate constantly. The study is about individuals. It is also the study about organization in the society.

This s This combination of knowledge made it possible to develop thinking skills in science and the arts. This is achieved by studying patterns in behavior. The patterns can be related to individuals or to organizations. This has been a great help to the CEO. The undergraduate education in social sciences can have lasting effects (Ishiyama, J. 2005). QUESTION 2 Legal and Regulatory Environment The company provides manufacture of hardware and software. This is used for the services in packaging, documents, mailing and shipping worldwide. This would have to be classified as a multinational corporation.

. In this case multinational is used in the sense of the legal realities. The company has 3,500 patents worldwide. This means the company has to be skillful in international law. The companies success seem to be in its ability to be effective in the law of patents (Antush, R. 1999). This is most important in the emerging area of software and hardware development. QUESTION 3 Core Business and Others The stated core business is that of mail management. This includes the availability of postage meters.

It provides additional mailing equipment including shipping and weighing systems. The other income stream is that of providing software and hardware (Uslan, M. 1999). Financing is an income stream. and providing financing. It provides document services. It develops software it develops hardware and online services. It also provides shipping and transportation services to governments and to corporations. The company’s financial statement shows that its real core business is business services, equipment rental, and financing. This shows how real performance is not always the same as that originally stated.

The historical classification is not the same as that of actual performance. .3 month 2007 MAR 31 (000) Business services 412 0.29 Equipment Sales 295 0.21 Financing 191 0.14 Support Serv. equip 189 0.13 Rentals 188 0.13 Supplies 100 0.07 S/ware rent 39 0.03 TOTAL REVENUE 1414 1.00 References Antush, R.

(1999, Fall99). Recent Developments in Patent Law. Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal, 8(1), 71. Retrieved September 1, 2009, from Academic Search Premier database. Ishiyama, J. (2005, July). The structure of an undergraduate major and student learning: A cross-institutional study of political science programs at thirty-two colleges and universities. Social Science Journal, 42(3), 359-366. Retrieved September 1, 2009, doi: 10.1016/j. soscij. 2005.06.011 Uslan, M. (1999, April). A Review of the Pitney Bowes Universal Access Copier System. Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness, 93(4), 244. Retrieved September 1, 2009, from Academic Search Premier database

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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