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Introduction McDonald Corporation is termed as been the world’s largest chain in the selling of hamburger and it operates as a fast food restaurants. It is said that the company serves as least 68 million customers on a daily basis in 119 countries all over the globe. The company began its operations in 1940, and it was market by an opening of a restaurant by two brothers Maurice and Richard McDonald in San Bernardino, California. In the year 1948, they introduced a spedee service system that furthered the ideologies of the modern fast food restaurants that had been put in place and in practice in about two decades earlier by white castle hamburger chain (McDonald History 2012).

The original amulet for the company was a man who had a chef’s hat of top of a hamburger shaped head and his name was speedee. He was later replaced with Ronald McDonald in the year 1967 when the organization was filing for a trademark and an amulet became a clown shaped man who had puffed out costume legs. Current McDonald dates its foundation on the opening of a franchised restraint by Ray Kroc, he later purchased the equity owned by the McDonald brothers and it is him who has led to the organizations worldwide expansion.

With its expansion to the global market, the company is usually viewed as a mark of globalization as well as the spread of the American way of life (McDonald History 2012). The prominence of the company has made it a core topics in the debates when it comes to issues related to corporate ethics, obesity as well as consumer responsibility.

Contribution of the operations management department in McDonald Managing an organization with a prominent global presence such as McDonald seems to be an enormous task. Consequently, the management of its day to day operations seems to be a major challenge and thus communication and information technology requirements as well as infrastructure ought to be put in place. The operations department at McDonald plays a crucial role and contributes a lot to the organization success. In relation to this the department ensures that quality is provided at all times (Bamford and Forrester 2009).

McDonald is fully committed to offering the highest quality of food as well as service to their customers. In respect to this, McDonalds work with their employee, suppliers as well as the franchisees so as to serve a balanced collection of food selections and offer the correct nutrition information to assist their customers in making sound decisions when purchasing their products. Another contribution that the department makes is in the coordinating and management. For a company such as McDonald, the coordinating and management functions cannot be ignored since it ensure that the goals of the organization are been met in an efficient and effective manner.

In respect to this, McDonald evaluates their products and services regularly, constant advertising and promotions (Collier and Evans 2007). Through the advertising and promotions the organization ensures that their products as well as their quality services to the customers are significantly in the minds of the consumers and clients.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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