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The paper "L'oreal Group - Being the Global Leader in Beauty Products" is a perfect example of a case study on business. L’ Oré al constitutes one of the leading beauty and cosmetics company in the world. This company manufactures a vast array of products that address the demands of contemporary international fashion vogues. It has its origins in France and is regarded as the best in the area of cosmetics and beauty products. Its basis is rooted in the production of skin and hair products. In addition, this group boasts of a range of perfumes and pharmaceutical products.

L’ Oré al, with units in 130 nations, encompasses several regions of the world. In addition to being the global leader in beauty products, L’ Oré al has been a pioneer in scientific innovation. This company had been formed by a French chemist who had invented the first safe hair dye and sunscreen in 1907 and 1936, respectively. This company has enjoyed undiluted success for a century, and this can be attributed to its redoubtable innovative spirit. As declared by Frederic Roze, the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of L’ Oré al, the latter had constantly strived to evolve with the contemporary digitally connected consumer.

This company has always been keenly exploring the latest developments in the relevant technology. In order to promote technological innovation, L’ Oré al inaugurated the Connected Beauty Incubator in the US. This division was tasked with conducting research related to its products. In 2015, this division introduced the Makeup Genius, with the L’ Oré al Paris brand, which was a pioneering virtual reality makeup experience. Subsequently, this application received the highest technology and beauty awards across the world.

The popularity of this application can be gauged from the fact that it was downloaded millions of times within a year. L’ Oré al believes in providing beauty for everyone via the development of the latest technology, cross-industry partnerships, and novel experiences that enhance value for its consumers. Since its very inception, L’ Oré al has been designing and producing awe-inspiring cosmetic and makeup products. It was formed by Eugene Schueller, a French chemist, in the year 1907, who first crafted a safe hair dye. Over the years, this company has been manufacturing a comprehensive range of excellent hair products, which have been rapidly acquired by the best salons.


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