Essays on Lowes Category Potential among the Female Shoppers Assignment

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The paper “ Lowe’ s Category Potential among the Female Shoppers" is a   forceful example of an assignment on marketing. This paper analyzes the shopping behavior of both men and women. They have different behaviors while doing their shopping in terms of preferences and attitudes. Preferences of women are different from those of men while doing shopping.   Their attitude also differs when it comes to product selection and how they view the pricing of different products at different shopping centers. The strategies that are used by different shopping malls need an analysis. This is to identify whether there should be a distinct merchandising strategy to be used on men and women.

The study explains the criteria which should be used at Lowe’ s to identify new suppliers. Question 1: Discuss the preferences of both men and women regarding shopping at Lowe’ s as compared to Home Depot. Home Depot has been in the business longer than Lowe’ s, but Lowe’ s has shot past home depot in terms of popularity. Lowe engages in a friendlier atmosphere for both men and women which is still something new to Home Depot.

Lowe’ s, unlike at Home depot, have massively invested in widening the aisles, increasing the lighting, adding appliances and most vital the staff keeps the stores clean which attracts both men and women to the store. Lowe’ s also ensures that the stores always have stock which the customers want, and they are well organized. Lowe’ s have staff who are trained and committed to serving their customers.   The staffs at Home depot lack the technicality to handle customers and assist them in their areas of difficulty. The staffs at Lowe’ s are friendlier than those at Home Depot.

Lowe’ s have a wide parking area which attracts men to the store because they consider the area to park a problem at Home Depot and, therefore, their preference to shop at Lowe’ s. Women consider the lack of assistance at Home depot an enormous problem and, therefore, result in Lowe’ s where the staffs are committed to serving the customers (Falter, 2007). Question 2: Explain the differences in men’ s and women’ s attitudes about product selection and pricing at Lowe’ s and Home Depot stores. There is a lot of difference when it comes to an attitude in product selection.

Women select products that perfectly fit the interior of their houses. Men do not give this much interest as far as they get a product that will do the job. They also consider the color of a product and its prettiness which is of no importance to men. Men all they care is about the quality that a product they buy will get the job done. They will shop for certain products at Home Depot, which have BEHR, and Martha Stewart, which are of, high quality compared to those at Lowe’ s of Kobalt and Taskforce branded which are decent, but unsatisfactory which women tend to select due to decency and prettiness (Wallender, 2011). The attitude of both men and women differ when it comes to pricing.

Men care less about the price of commodities as far as a product does the job they will select it, but tends to go for the quality. Women, on the other hand, will cut down expenses using coupons and buying products that are on sale. This is different from men who have their minds fixed on a product they want to buy.

Men will, therefore, shop at Lowe’ s, but women will compare prices and find products that are on sales wherever they find them (Wallender, 2011). Question 3: Discuss whether Lowe’ s should have distinct merchandising strategies for men and women shoppers. Lowe’ s should have distinct merchandising strategies for men and women. Home depot is doing this by using the Martha Stewart alliance to woo women customers into their stores. The reason behind this is the preferences and tastes of men and women are different.

When it comes to product selection, men prefer a certain brand and women a different product. Merchandising strategies directed at a group is likely to be successful in increasing the customers’ base (Ramos, 2010). Question 4: Explain the criteria that Lowe’ s should use in selecting new suppliers. Lowe’ s should use the following strategies to select new suppliers: Quality, Lowe’ s should seek those suppliers with high-quality products and those which can manage many world-class brands. Measurement specialties’ and brand portfolio should be the key to selecting a new supplier.

The productivity of a company is another aspect to consider while selecting a new supplier. Companies with high annual productivity should be selected because they will have a flow to support their customer's demand. Lead-time is another criterion which Lowe’ s should use to select new suppliers companies with the shortest lead-time should be selected because this will ensure Lowe’ s will not suffer from shortages of products (Falter, 2007). In conclusion, Lowe’ s is popular for many women than men. Though the attitude of both men and women differ they will still shop at Lowe’ s which still a respected store in town.

Lowe’ s should have new suppliers to ensure they maintain their customers with a wide range of products. There should be distinct strategies in handling different types of customers especially those of different sexes. Lowe should use the proposed criteria to recruit new suppliers so as to ensure quality and continuity in the flow of goods.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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