Essays on Luxury Consumption Motives of Chinese Female Consumers Research Proposal

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The paper “ Luxury Consumption Motives of Chinese Female Consumers” is an exciting example of a research proposal on marketing. Traditionally it has been found that Chinese men are the consumers of luxury goods, chiefly because of the tradition in the country to gift in the corporate and government sectors (Joy 2001). However, due to the growing financial and social independence of the Chinese women, they are also forming a major share in the luxury brands market in China (Fish 2010). Various studies have been conducted to project the increase in the number of Chinese women consumers for luxury products, however, not many studies have been done to understand the luxury consumption motives of the women consumers in China.

There are various motivating factors that may impact the luxury consumption among women consumers in China (Doctoroff 2005). These factors may include individual taste, social and personal motivations, quality motivations, etc. Thus, through the proposed paper, the researcher would attempt to understand the motivations of the Chinese women consumers behind buying luxury goods. The main purpose of the paper is to understand the underlying motivations of Chinese women consumers for purchasing luxury goods.

The paper would seek to identify the trends among the Chinese women consumers regarding buying of luxury goods. It would also focus on certain luxury brands and how these brands are being perceived by women consumers in China. The researcher expects that the paper would provide a considerable outlook on the women luxury goods consumers in China, especially focusing on the motivations behind buying such goods. The results would help various luxury brands planning to set shop or already have established their retail stores in the country to understand the mindset of the women consumers and cater to them as per their preferences.

Further, these companies can also mold their advertising and marketing campaigns as per the requirements of the women consumers. For instance, if the report finds that the women consumers are more inclined to buy luxury products due to social motivations, the brands may decide to promote their products as social aspiration products and attract more consumers. The women Chinese consumers buying luxury products are growing steadily in the country and therefore, it is essential to understand their mindset related to their buying preferences for luxury goods.

Thus, the proposed paper would focus on finding out the motivations for Chinese women consumers to buy luxury products. The proposed paper would seek to find out the underlying motivations of Chinese women consumers for buying luxury products. As the segment of a luxury product is growing steadily in China, it is imperative to understand how women are contributing to this sector and what is driving them towards such luxury products. The idea behind this proposed subject matter came from the basic background research that is being explained below.

The chief among them is the changes in the characteristics of the Chinese women consumers and luxury brands' buying a pattern in Chinese women. The study of various previous surveys and researches indicated that Chinese women consumers are constantly becoming independent socially as well as financially. Further, they are the dominant member of the family to make decisions regarding household expenses. The greater number of women workers has also given rise to independent, single women. All these factors have given rise to an increase in the number of Chinese women consumers buying luxury products (Movius 2006; McKinsey Quarterly 2006).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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