Essays on Contributory Factors to Dick Smiths Charisma Case Study

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The paper "Contributory Factors to Dick Smith’ s Charisma" is a great example of a Management Case Study. Dick Smith is a well-known public figure in the Australian market. He has been able to attain most of the goals set despite the different levels of criticism he faced amongst some of the Australian. His model of leadership is based on appreciation and service to others, which has enhanced his charisma capabilities thus far. A transformative leader is able to create a distinctive visionary position and thereafter, allow others to join them (Calvin, 2003).

The leader opts to go above the management of daily operations and assume risks needed for catapulting their respective organizations to higher levels. Dick Smith can be seen to have achieved most aspects mainly due to his ability to take risks. It is important to note that transformative leaders tend to focus more on business-based objectives (Giroux & Mclarney, 2014). The leadership model involves a unique process that facilitates the developing commitment to organizational objectives and thereafter, strengthening the followers to attain these set objectives. These types of leaders will rely more on idealized influence to execute tasks effectively (Calvin, 2003).

Thus, this paper tries to examine some of Dick Smith’ s well-known attributes that have contributed to his business successes and charisma as well as determine whether or not he is a transformative leader. Contributory Factors to Dick Smith’ s Business Success The fundamental attribute that has ensured Dick Smith’ s success is emphasized on his personal philosophy, which was instilled in him in the course of his childhood years. The philosophy is based on appreciation as well as service to others. He has been able to offer both a transformative leadership as well as incorporate servant leadership models.

Given the fact that he values a free enterprise system and, also the imminent virtues of hard work and freedom of speech, Dick Smith has blossomed in his business acumen. The aforementioned values and attributes have facilitated a stronger foundation for his rather philanthropic and business success. Most importantly, Dick Smith has been able to ensure that he maintains a positive public image that has been able to attract a substantial level of respect and admiration of both employees and the overall Australian society as a whole.

Subsequently, it is noted that the entrepreneur has always upheld a stringent perspective towards his vision. He has never allowed any form of intrusion or rather embraced the current internationalism aspect that is being emphasized within the marketplace. As a result, the perspective has allowed him to operate a successful business like Dick Smith Foods that has always promoted; to the Australians, food manufactured within the Australian market. In essence, his capacity to incorporate his visionary capabilities with the promotion of national identity, pride, and self-confidence to both his employees as well as the entire Australian consumer base has ensured the success of his business developments over the years (Smith, 2014).

In fact, as an unconventional leader, Dick Smith has ensured that he has attained distinctive prowess in linking his visionary perspective with the immediate values that constitute a significant section of the Australian community. It is noted that servant leadership; as exercised by Dick Smith, allows the creation of visionary perspective that gains a substantial level of credibility as well as trust and honesty from employees and acts towards influencing them in a positive manner (De Poel, Stoker, & Van der Zee, 2012).

Due to this framework, these leaders enjoy a greater level of success as employees work towards attaining productivity hence business success.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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