Essays on Introduction of iPhone in the Saudi Arabia Market Case Study

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The paper "Introduction of iPhone in the Saudi Arabia Market" is a perfect example of a case study on business. iPhone is a new product that is currently trending as one of the most favorite smartphones in the market today. It was chosen for this particular project because it is one of the electronic gadgets that have been receiving a lot of support from a cross-section of the market. It is a novel commodity that is so advanced, attractive and can be relied upon by the users to perform a wide range of activities. The choice of Saudi Arabia as the target market has not come by chance.

So far, Saudi is considered as a potential iPhone market in the larger Asian continent. Being that the commodity is only manufactured in the USA, it is no doubt that it has never reached here. Therefore, it can act as an ideal market for the iPhone. After all, the Saudis, who are the target clients, are economically empowered and like using modern technological devices such as the iPhone. In order to optimally benefit from the unexploited Saudi market, the company will need to come up with well-thought and applicable strategies.

These will be useful in marketing the product. After launching the commodity in this new market, a lot of effort should be put in place to carry out extensive product promotion. This will be fundamental in creating awareness about its presence, uses, and benefits to the users. Moreover, the management should ensure that it sets reasonable prices so as to appeal to the clients. if all these strategies are employed, Saudi Arabia will become a very lucrative market for this high tech gadget.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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