Essays on Use of Mobile Banking in Kenya Assignment

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The paper "Use of Mobile Banking in Kenya" is a good example of a marketing assignment.   The first initiative described in the case study is the use of Mobile Banking in Kenya. Popularly known as M-Pesa the initiative was launched by Vodafone in collaboration with Safaricom in 2005. Safaricom is the local partner of Vodafone in Kenya and the leading mobile service provider in Kenya and also in some parts of East Africa. The initiative involves the use of mobile phones to transfer money electronically from one geographical location to the other.

Although, it begun as a pilot project whose objective was to develop easier and safer means of money transfer the initiative has achieved significant milestones in terms of the number of money transfer transactions undertaken on a daily basis and the huge amounts of profits earned by the local partner Safaricom due to provision of money transfer services (Peteraf & Barney 2003). The M-Pesa initiative has delivered significant value to its recipients. First, the initiative has made it easier for its recipients particularly the young people working in towns to send money to their parents and other dependants in rural villages without the need to travel to the rural areas o deliver the cash to their dependants or parents.

In this regard, young people are able to concentrate fully on their income-generating activities without wasting time travelling to rural areas to deliver money to their parents (Peteraf & Barney 2003). Second, the initiative has enabled the recipients or the customers to send, deposit and withdraw money at any given location. This has added value to the recipients in that it has reduced the long distances the recipients have to travel to withdraw cash from banks because M-Pesa agents contracted by Safaricom are located even in the most remote parts of the country making it possible for people in the remote parts of the country to transact easily.

Third, the initiative has also created numerous job opportunities to young entrepreneurs who have been contracted by Safaricom to act as agents for receiving and sending money on behalf of the company’ s client base spread across the country. This has added value to the clients in that apart from making it possible to transfer cash at their own convenience, M-PESA initiative has also made it possible for young people to earn a living. The second initiative described in the case study is the one laptop per child initiative developed by Nicholas Negroponte after observing how children played and learned with laptop computers which he had personally provided in a remote village in Cambodia.

The most notable value this initiative offer to its recipients (children) is that it helps to integrate technology in learning and thus improving the quality of life around the world because the use of technology would automatically lead to higher levels of innovations and if children were allowed to begin using technology early in their lives they would also develop innovative minds early in life thus transforming their societies and hence improving the quality of life around the world.

Additionally, this initiative has also opened some of the remotest parts of the outside world because the use of laptops comes with the use of other technologies such as the internet thus making it possible for children in the remote parts of the world to learn and communicate just like other children in the developed parts of the world.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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