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The paper "Apple iPhone Product Positioning" is a perfect example of a Management Case Study.   The success of Apple has been coined to the different concepts had theories which they have applied successfully. Apple has looked at the concepts differently and has chosen the ones that multiply their effectiveness and provides better results has helped them come up with the campaign of “ Think Different” and has created a different market where people continue to purchase from Apple stores despite the gaining popularity of an online business. The use of marketing concepts and theories and creating and chalking out a path through which understanding has improved has been one of the strong reasons for the development of the business of Apple.

Below is the list of different marketing concepts and tools which have helped Apple to bring a change in the working style and ensure maximum gains from it. Apple doesn’ t work like any other companies who develop or manufacture products for selling to others. Apple on the other hand while doing so makes changes and develops a product in such a manner that the engineer developing it has a c crave for it.

This has helped them to develop their product in such a manner that it is free from errors and provides the best facilities and services. The engineers who thereby develop the product actually do it for themselves as they are the end-user. This has helped to fill all the gaps and errors and develop a product on a slightly different concept. The process has enabled to develop products with all features and requirements so that the satisfaction level of the person is maximized and the person is able to ensure a very high level of satisfaction. The product concept further harps on the point that it should be simple and easy to use as if a product is complicated and the person developing the product is unclear about it the chances of succeeding reduces (Fanning, 2014).

This is the mantra that Apple has used and has developed its product to ensure smooth interface designs with regard to the software and hardware that has been used. Apple through this mantra has been able to even attract people who don’ t have the required knowledge in that direction as the simple interface provides them with the opportunity of developing their business based on the customer needs and requirements. This is a difficult feat for Apple to achieve as people continue to demand more and more features which require different application and complicates the matter.

Apple on this front has tried to keep its product simple and develop the required needs of the product in such a manner that it satisfies the need of the customers and at the same time ensures better applicability and usage. The other reason which has contributed towards the success of Apple iPhone is that the company has worked on the philosophy of having a single product.

A customer visiting an Apple store doesn’ t have to look into different models as the strategy of the company is to keep simple and have a single product. Customers visiting the store know the reason for visiting the store and the product which they will get. It is true that in the technology-savvy world people look for options and want products that are trendier.

Research carried out in the direction shows that the percentage of people looking for a complex phone is very small compared to the one where people look for simpler products with all features. This has thereby helped Apple to determine their positioning and targeting strategy accordingly. This formula has also helped its employees to be better educated about the product and its different features. The overall mechanism has contributed towards product development and has provided the basic infrastructure through which customer acceptance for the product has become easy.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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