Essays on Main Causes Of Bueilding Collapse Assignment

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MAIN CAUSES OF BUILDING COLLAPSEAbstractBuildings collapsing are becoming a common phenomenon in the world. The reasons why many building do collapse has not been unveiled and thus there high chances for continuation of the same. It has therefore been my desires to search for these causes; which I believe will help the nation on getting solutions of this problem. IntroductionBuildings are quite essential assets for the many purposes of human benefits. Since the birth of civilization and technology dawn, a number of changes have taken place in all sectors of development.

Building sectors forms the decent places for individual and public living has not been an exceptional to the transitions. Building designs and structural features have greatly changed year by year which is aimed to satisfy the preference of the new generations of fashions and styles. Although styles and fashions perhaps have contributed to the introductions of the current building designs, there are other numerous reasons which are also attached to the change. Some of these reasons include safety and materials availability for the construction of the particular building.

However, the most significant factors which should be put in the fore front in the consideration of setting up any building is the strength. The strength of a building provides both the directly and indirect security of the inhabitants of the building. It is notable that weak buildings are bound to collapse. Such cases of building collapsing causes havoc to property and human life. The collapsing of buildings thus may lead to several drawbacks both do individuals and a country as whole. This depends on the purpose and the site at which the building stands.

Whichever the situation, the fact remains that there are losses in terms of either property loss or life lose which are two, major factors for production. In addition many other costs are incurred in the process of rescue and recovery of the assets from the wreck building. This makes collapsing of building a very disadvantages puzzle to any country for which Dubai is not excluded. The examination of the causes of a perilous problem will therefore enable the Dubai community /society to look for solution(s) which will curb to a certain degree this problem in the time.

(Wieland, 2004)Methodology to useThe research is going to be carried by sourcing information from diverse people in different sectors which are involved in the building and constriction work. In orders to have reliable data, there will be questionnaires which will be send to various ten executive people in all divisions in the Dubai region. This is because face to face consultation with the experts is costly in terms of fare and still time consuming. In addition, there will be review of major reports on collapsed buildings from previous data records in the department of housing and construction.

This will be requested from the main office to assists the researcher to access their records. The data will be analysed by grouping the answers given according to either natural causes and man initiated causes. Any answers given which doses not lie within the particular categories will also be considered as a special case.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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