Essays on Sales Management Practices at Ryder Assignment

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The paper "Sales Management Practices at Ryder" is a perfect example of a marketing assignment. Sales management practices involve the processes that are driven by objectives to oblige and achieve critical business results. The identified structure, resources and evaluation constitute the strategic sales management and ultimately affect the business outcomes (Avlonitis, & Panagopoulos 2007). In consideration of Ryder a truck-leasing company, there are various issues that are identifiable with their sales management practices. This has resulted in different outcomes and viewpoints as their major customers reveal. One significant way in which sales management becomes effective is the way the management works to understand and develop their customers’ needs.

The sales activities, production and marketing processes are geared to attract customers who purchase and bring money to the company. However, Ryder has revealed a lack of full understanding of their customers’ needs. They have also not taken time to relate and know their customers, their operations and needs (Herrmann et al 2000). There have not been a well planned and existing customer relationships and thus they have lost most of the significant customers.

The fundamental role of communication is lacking and most customers’ complaints are directed to poor communication and feedback that the company personnel have shown. Through communication, they would have allowed their customers to feel valued, allowing them to air out their problems and issues and continuously find and respond to emerging needs as they develop their services (Reid et al 2002). The level of developing trust between Ryder and their clients is futile. One of the areas is a failure to deliver to customer reservation and changing prices that leave the customers at risk of exploitation.

This has promoted most of its past customers to consider using alternative means of which they have established relations with their competitors, Rollins. Knowing the customer does not only require the physical interaction but also the business needs urgencies and satisfaction (Herrmann et al 2000), this has lacked in Ryder as most customers identify multiple losses they have incurred through delay, getting late updates and complex problem-solving processes. It has also taken the company long to note that most customers have left and are no longer in need of their services. Ryder does not incorporate full knowledge and required capabilities for customer need and applications.

They have shown an inability to strategically combine the internal and external resources for their customer services. It is noted that they do not have enough trucks of their own and this has resulted in delays in delivering to clients. This still affects the internal working as the customers at times are dependent on hired trucks and thus cannot manage the demands. This is a major micro-environment threat that the company has not dealt with and a major cause of imprecise delivery to clients needs.

Ryder has failed to manage the competitive threat and equally failed opportunity pursuit. According to Bengtsson and Kock, 2000, failure to deliver to clients` demands gives competitors competitive advantage. The other competitors are well equipped and that is why most of Ryder customers have fled to better and secure truck services. At the same time, Ryder lacks strategic and specific goals to pursue the course of opportunities, in from other customer segments.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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