Essays on Corruption in FIFA as an Ethical Dilemma Assignment

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The paper "Corruption in FIFA as an Ethical Dilemma " is a good example of a marketing assignment.   The allegations about corruption in FIFA was evident way before 2010 it was concerning the vote to ascertain the major hosts for the 2022 and 2018 world cups. The events that led to the decision saw two major officials get exposure as a result of them trying to sell their votes; luckily the two were banned from voting. However, the two were exempted or rather banned from voting. The victory of Qatar in holding the 2022 world cup led to immediate concerns or suspicions relating to the fact that whether it had purchased the tournament; this was the case because of its football pedigree and its climate. Since FIFA has a history concerning the nature of the state it chooses to hold a world cup; that is relating to the weather conditions and the climate as well as the degree to which the state engages in football.

The climatic conditions, as well as the football pedigree of Qatar, automatically disqualified them from holding a world cup in any scenario.

Another concern was the case with swapping of votes between states. The scenario was that a whistleblower raised allegations about the same. Almajid who was a staff at Qatar’ s bid team for 2022, alleged that the executives of FIFA were bribed with a minimum of $1.5 million to elect or rather vote for the Qatar state. However, the executive recanted the allegations; they asserted that the allegations were a fabrication; this allegation came simultaneously with the doomed bid of England to officially hold the 2018 world cup. Nevertheless, the House of Commons gained the evidence that four FIFA ex-company members requested for several things in order to sell their votes. The Main Figures The main figures in this particular controversy were the former FIFA vice president Qatari.

Evidence showed that the former vice president made suspicious payments amounting to over 1 million pounds to alternative officials of football. One of the main and significant beneficiaries was Warner Jack a former FIFA official; Many officials including Hayatou the African Football head have vehemently denied these allegations. The Ethical Dilemma/ Ethical Issues The ethical dilemma is To proceed with Qatar as a state that holds the 2022 World Cup Or To revoke the election of Qatar to hold the 2022 World Cup The ethical dilemma, in this case, would be whether or not to award Qatar the privilege of holding the world cup and whether or not the officials of FIFA acted in good faith or not.

The questions one should ask oneself is whether the allegations are true and on what basis the officials were basing their decisions on. A dilemma is a scenario where an individual becomes torn between acting on two competitive decisions of equal magnitude, and where both of them have significant advantages for a person or an institution.

Dilemmas are common in an individual and institutional day to day lives. Dilemmas may work positively or negatively to an individual, the process in which a decision is arrived at is the issue. A decision should be made in consideration of the laid out standards.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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