Essays on Challenges that are Associated with Change at the Brisbane City Council Case Study

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The paper "Challenges that are Associated with Change at the Brisbane City Council" is a wonderful example of a case study on management. Effective organization of both people and resources is a key success factor for any modern business and nonbusiness organizations (Champoux 52). Managing people is a challenge that modern organizations are faced with due to the increasing need for change and to acquire sustainable organizational stability. This, therefore, implies that different organizations deploy different management methodologies that are tailored to meet the organizational requirements that are necessary for equitable development (Champoux 55).

A large number of organizations are of the view that the above antagonistic pressures that are directed towards fostering change and stability in an organization are usually complicated to understand and implement. In order for an organization to remain successful, it must continually revise its management strategy to match with the recent requirements that are deemed as key in ensuring development and ease in the management process of the people and the organizational resources (Champoux 65). This implies that the top management team should always be innovative in its management approaches in order to stay beat the present competitive nature of the market structure.

The major challenge is the impact that the management practices will have on the employees because some of the organization’ s employees can view the management practices as a source of stress while others may be of the view that they may be exhilarating. A recent trend is the use of technology to aid in the management and organization of people and resources in business enterprises (Champoux 65). This research essay will primarily attempt to review and analyze the challenges that are associated with change at the Brisbane City Council, the development of a management model after which the model will be reviewed in order to evaluate its effectiveness at the Brisbane City Council through the identification of challenges and a clear comparison of the management methodologies in the developed model with the current organizational approaches that the Brisbane City Council use.

The essay will then conclude on the effectiveness of the adoption of the proposed people management practices with the view that is directed towards achieving a sustainable people management processes and a change readiness culture.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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