Essays on Planned and Emergent Approaches to Marketing Band Business Planning Essay

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The paper “ Planned and Emergent Approaches to Marketing Band Business Planning" is a thrilling variant of an essay on marketing. It is always the aim of every business organization to reap maximum benefits in the present times and in the future. It has become of utmost importance for marketing managers to come up with strategies that enable them to cope with operational challenges in the present and possibly do so successfully in the future. There are two main approaches to strategy namely planned and emergent strategies. Planned strategies are characterized by a formal structure, a formal process and formal control (Laing & McKee 2000, p. 576).

Planning is all about coming up with a definite plan of achieving a specific goal. Ideally, planned strategies are associated with a prediction of the future. It is also characterized by centralization and formalization of activities. On the other hand, emergent strategies are strategies that are established on progress (Mintzberg & James, 1985, p. 258). Generally, emergent strategies are established when the need for strategy comes up. Emergent strategies are characterized by innovation, continuous learning, observation, and improvisation.

Practically, it is almost impossible for an organization to employ only one strategy approach. There is always a need to strike a balance between the two approaches so as to ensure that the strategy is relevant to an organization. This essay will discuss the game and driving market theory with relevance to their abilities to provide a balance between planned and emergent strategies. The planned strategy approach was devised by Michael Porter. Porter described the market as a stage where the actions on the scenes are influenced by constant and specific forces.

Due to this point, a planned strategy approach tends to predict what will happen in the market; hence making the planned strategy approach is more specific, centralized and formal. A planned strategy to business and marketing outlines specific sets of goals that are to be achieved within a specific period of time (usually long term) and a clear way of achieving them. On the other hand, an emergent approach to strategy is influenced by the changes which occur over time (Tilebein 2006, p. 1088). An emergent strategy takes into consideration the occurrences which have occurred within a specific period of time (usually short term) and finds an innovative way of aligning an organization to the change.

For this reason, emergent strategies are associated with continuous learning, observation, innovation, and improvisation (Mintzberg & James, 1985, p. 258). The two approaches to marketing and business have the ability to impact positively on the marketing planning process. Each of the approaches has something to bring to the marketing process. The planned approach to strategy emphasizes on the need of a definite plan to achieve a specific set of goals (Schell 2007, p. 28).

On this point, it is worth noting the importance of a plan for a marketing or business strategy. Firstly, a plan outlines a set of specific objectives that an organization must fulfill within a specific period of time. For this reason, it enables the organization to pool its resources towards achieving the goals (Shiner 2007, p. 24). Secondly, it enables an organization to evaluate where it is and the exact state it wants to be within a specific period of time. Lastly, a planned strategy outlines who is to do what; hence enabling an organization to establish appropriate management and organizational structure thus enabling it to meet its goals.

Just as a plan is beneficial to a business so is to a marketing plan (Shiner 2007, p. 24). A planned approach empowers the marketers to hit specific targets within specific durations of time under minimal costs.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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