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Essays on Make use of the Khan and Fisher,ed. book to rewrite the essay already turned in on the methodological approach that you are likely to use in your research and the practical or theoretical problems that you research is likely to address Book Report/Review

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Methodological Approach for Research The research on world economy and globalization will adopt descriptive and casual-comparative approaches. The study will use the variables such as instrumental factors to economy. Notably, DNA study has established that all modern humans came from one common ancestor many years ago. From that time to now the most important way for human interaction is moving from one place to another. Therefore a change in population in different countries is also a variable to consider. In finding solutions, research can make a platform from difference in birth and death rates and also variation in life expectancy.

According to Khan and Fisher, politics and world economies are intertwined. Therefore this is a practical problem that any research on world economy should explore. Political class influences the direction of the economy. For instance, the politicians are the law makers that make regulations which control trade and business. In times of war military spending rise, global ties fail and the international trade is affected. Both developing and the developed countries, should explore on these problems, for them to grow economically.

Pandemic flues and HIV/AIDS prove to the world that health is a practical problem the need thorough research in order for any country to grow economically. A research need to be done to ensure that globalization benefits reach all countries. Some countries feel that globalization brings instability, a problem that calls for research in order to lift globalization up. Research for new ways to cooperate for the benefit of all the countries, should not meet globalization as an obstacle Khan and Fisher (78) hold that researchers faced difficulties in studying growth and developments of world economies because there are no compelling details of what students should learn.

In addition, the authors have found out practical economic development problems following end of Second World War cannot be defined in theoretical terms. Research in the world economy and globalization addresses influences of economy and politics to each other. Furthermore, the research analyses paradigm shifts that continue to occur over time as well as process that address them. In the research process, the process might take longer than in the research timetable.

In an example of practical problem which is social based, the Korean economy depicts a large gap between the rich and the poor and the economy is weighted against technological companies. The main objective of the study is to unearth the prejudicial policies the leads to unfair distribution of wealth among the Korean people. The international trade has brought about the differences between the developed and the developing countries. This has caused the damage the economic in the developing countries.

According to Khan and Fisher(96), countries enters into trade relations with each other in order to avoid facing economic dilemma singly. Economic metrics may be distributed unequally among individuals in a given group, or among different groups of a population, or among different countries. Wealth inequality is an example in this case that creates a research problem that needs thorough study. These iniquities among the countries should be put into light through carrying out thorough research. Khan’s findings in a multi ethnic contexts show how ethnic diversity dictates the political decisions.

When the politicians’ decisions are based on their experiences and ethnic identities, the quality of their discussion is high. But this is against Habermasian idea that the ethnic difference is a stumbling block to the public discourse. However, although khan findings is in support of ethnic differences in improving the quality of discussion, He suggests in the findings that as the discourse quality improves when groups draw upon ethnic differences, the decisions they arrive at do not wholly answer the problem of equal wealth distribution among the community.

Religious diversity is another problem that affects globalization and the world economy. For instance terrorism comes about because of religious intolerance. A thorough research need to be done in order to unravel this problem Khan has co-authored a paper in the book called “Talk is Cheap”. This paper portrays a problem in how people theoretically understand different cultures and the methodological approaches they use to forward them. This problem is brought about by the sociologists when they take spoken words as proxies for action. This is called attitudinal fallacy.

Khan and Fisher (79) has emphasized on all these research problems. Work Cited Khan, Shamus R, and Dana Fisher. The Practice of Research: How Social Scientists Answer Their Questions. , 2014. Print.

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