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The paper "The Marketing Plan of Coca Cola Company Ltd " is a great example of a marketing case study. This report has been drafted to highlight upon the marketing plan of Coca Cola Company Ltd which shall look to develop a new product to its existing product line of non-alcoholic beverages as the “ Coke Buzz Tea” which shall be a completely new product used as an energized drink containing flavour of tea and shall look to further enhance the revenue for Coca Cola. The report in its endeavour towards a successful marketing plan for Coca Cola shall initially focus upon the marketing objectives of the new product along with a discussion on the major marketing problems/issues currently being experienced by the company and are more likely to occur for its new product “ Coke Buzz Tea” .

A general and brief description of the Coca Cola Company has been provided to ensure that readers have pure background knowledge of the company and its existing business operations. The report then looks to make a detailed analysis of the various factors of environment like technology, government regulations, legal changes, social and cultural changes and climatic changes shall have on the new and its existing line of products and services offered.

To further understand the internal strength and weakness along with new market opportunities a Swot analysis has been conducted along with competitor analysis to find the critical factors which lead the company to gain a competitive advantage over its existing and potential rivals. Finally, a discussion has been made on the target market and segmentation strategies to ensure both practical and theoretical understanding of the entire marketing plan under study. Objectives of Marketing Plan & Major Marketing Issues A marketing plan is an important element of a successful product or service launch or to strengthen the existing resources of an organization. Let us first have a look at the marketing objectives of Coca Cola for its existing products and its new product the “ Coke Buzz Tea” . Marketing Objectives Future growth of the Coca Cola will emerge from their focus shift towards the global market in line with the consumer health-conscious market.

Coca Cola is looking to implement and continue their global strategies as per continuous market scanning.

The company would like to continue their business operations all across the globe without limiting their marketing objectives to a certain geographical location. They are having emerging growth in Latin America, BRIC and Western Europe and the new product shall be served in those emerging markets as well. The major reason for such an expansion of new product is due to the rising demand for more health-conscious beverages and further obtaining a competitive edge over its rivals by gaining the first-mover advantage. The company shall further in future like to focus on more new products in the category of fruit juices, sports drink, health drinks and water lines.

The core of the company’ s business is healthy and is poised to capture significant growth in the coming years. Consumer behaviour is fast changing in this dynamic global market and therefore, Coca Cola must adjust their marketing strategies and product lines to ensure maximum customer satisfaction along with a large pool of loyal customers who shall contribute for the phenomenal growth and development of the company on a global basis.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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