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Generally speaking, the paper 'Information or Knowledge Management System" is a perfect example of a management assignment.   The student ought to show some interest in as far as the information or knowledge management system and its use is concerned. This way, there will quick learning and better results. But away from that, there are certain requirements that students ought to know if they are to successfully use the information or knowledge management system. These are; Basic knowledge of what a computer is its uses and features. If the students are to access their college intranet, use the library and gather information to change courses, access results, submit assignments among other things, there are various things about a computer and computer networks that they will have to learn.

According to Li & Gao (2003), these are: Basics The main basics are about what files are, copying of these files, their storage and showing extensions for known file types. Similarly, attachment of mails and the usage of networks are important. Of equal importance is getting to know about email viruses since the students are expected to communicate with their teachers and peers through them and submitting their assignments.

They have to know how they are spread, some dangerous attachments in emails, and how to protect their emails. Equally, they have to know how they will protect their passwords and why it is advisable that they change them regularly. 2. What resources are required to train new students to use the college information or knowledge management system? Resource Requirements for training Human One trainer for ten students. This is to ensure that each student gets the best from the trainer. Financial Four hundred dollars.

This is for purchasing of each laptop. Physical Online training, where training materials are sent through Google apps – Forms directly to students Scheduled training seminars for 1 to 2 hours per day. Time 45 minutes daily on weekdays for a whole semester or as long as the unit runs (Schmookler, 2006). 3. How could the leaning be organized and facilitated? Discuss legislative requirements, programming considerations, facilities and time frames. Would you select individual or group-based training approaches? So as to facilitate learning, the school administration has to ensure that several legislative measures are put in place.

It is, however, important to note that students should also be involved in the legislative making process since they are the ones who are directly affected. These measures could be; introducing a compulsory computer studies unit into the school system. This would ensure that every student gets to undertake the unit at some point in their university life. The school management could also come up with a means of ensuring that the cost of the laptops is included in the school fees. However, the amount could be spread over different semesters to ease the burden on those who may feel so.

In turn, the school should bear the responsibility of purchasing the laptops. These are two legislative measures that would ensure that there is indeed organized learning. In as far as programming considerations are concerned an introduction of such a unit into the school program would be a major stepping stone towards achieving the desired goal. In addition, the daily training program would be equally important (Rogerson, 2008). In as far as training approaches are concerned; the best method would be individual training.

From the requirement training provided, I have proposed a situation whereby one trainer serves about 10 students. This is in order to ensure that each student gets as much as possible attention from the trainer. And in order to ensure the best comes from the trainer and the student gets the best, an individual approach would be better (Rogerson, 2008).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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