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The paper "Knowledge Management System" is a good example of a management essay. Since all KCC plants can access the database which consists of all the operation equipment the other plants in the same organization use all over the world, KCA plants use these data to compare themselves with other plants that have similar production processes. The company developed a common performance measure strategy to ensure that there will be always a standard reporting procedure for all firms focusing on the three main aspects of efficiency and performance of the production process.

These three aspects include waste, speed, and delay. The KCC plants usually put their performance data in terms of all measures and receive comparative performances. All these reports are then reviewed each and every month by Asset team leaders and Operation Manager so as to identify where there should be a change or improvement as achievements of different firms in the particular area are highlighted. After that, all information and knowledge about how the performance improvement was achieved are then acquired by use of operation workgroups. The CC company has developed a global working group of operation managers who serve as sources of information on matters concerning production processes and techniques used by various plants. These KCC working groups then meet face to face from time to time where members are supposed to maintain regular contacts in between the meetings by use of distribution lists and email discussions.

In the meetings the following activities occur; Sharing about equipment modifications, answering and asking special methods concerning different production processes, organizing how plants will run tries for other plants and various safety measures are shared.

In addition, the plant's regular shares information concerning the Single Minute Exchange Dies (SMED). SMED is a method of production designed to enhance effective production by reducing equipment and machinery changeover times as a way of reducing the downtime in the production line. The system helps to review all major process taken in changeover so as to identify those that can be easily be completed to reduce the downtime.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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