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MANAGE AND DEVELOP A TEAM By Location Manage and develop a team Role play Me: Hallo this is (My from Innovative Widgets how may I help you? Customer: I had ordered for 2000 6mm widgets about a week ago. I am very grateful that your company was able to keep your word on the delivery being made within three days after the actual order was made. However, on arrival about 40 of the widgets that were delivered were faulty. I had communicated this to your office and I had been promised an additional refund for up to 10%.

Up to now there is nothing that has been done about that. Me: Innovative Widget will want to apologize for the faulty widgets that were delivered to you. We would like to seek your opinion on how you think this issue can best be solved. Customer: I wanted to order for more widgets so I was wondering if the refund could be counted as part of the money that I am supposed to pay for the new order instead of paying for the new order in only for me to get the refund later. Me: in that case I am not in a position to make such decisions.

I will forward you to the customer service manager who will be more than pleased to be of help to you. Customer: that is okay with me you can go ahead and connect me to the person you know will be of absolute help to my situation. Me: Okay working on it. You are already connected to the customer service manager. I wish you all the best.

Role play 2 There are a number of things that Mary did wrong that she definitely has to change one. The first thing was that she was not courteous when handling customers. The best way to make sure that you remain courteous is by making sure that you always use polite word and avoid responding to customers immediately without weighing up the response (Cook 2011, p. 121). Another thing that Mary should understand is the fact that customer complaints are what gives the need for people like her in the organization.

As customer service personnel it is important to keep it in mind that answering to the customers at their time of need is what they are employed for. The company device the customer service system and made it a right to their customers to be served through the system (Mclean-Conner 2006, p. 109). The fact that Mary misunderstood what the customer was saying proves that she was not keen on what the customer was saying. To avoid this she should make sure that she waits till the customer is done with presenting their complaints before she starts figuring out what the best response would be (Ukens 2007, p.

87). Mary also seems to have forgotten the fact that it is unethical to argue with clients. The best way through which she can avoid that is to avoid making the conversation personal and try imagining the customers are always right (Schultz 2003, p. 78). Mary should also accept the fact that some of the processes that involve the customer service are beyond her. She should not assume that because she is not able to solve a customer’s problems then there is no solution at all (Calvert 2004, p.

42). She should know that in is required under the policies for her to forward such cases to the customer service manager. Bibliography Calvert, N 2004, Gower handbook of call and contact centre management, Gower, Burlington, VT. Cook, S 2011, Customer care excellence how to create an effective customer focus, Kogan Page, London. http: //public. eblib. com/EBLPublic/PublicView. do? ptiID=620716. Mclean-Conner, P 2006, Customer service: utility style: proven strategies for improving customer service and reducing customer care costs, PennWell Corp, Tulsa, Okla. Schultz, G 2003, The customer care and contact center handbook, ASQ Quality Press, Milwaukee, Wisc. Ukens, LL 2007, 101 ways to improve customer service training, tools, tips, and techniques, Pfeiffer, San Francisco, CA.

http: //www. asp? bookid=18036.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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