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Management Management Set of KPIs for service team members Key performance indicators (KPIs) evaluate an organization’s success or of a specific activity that it engages (Payne & Frow, 2013). The following indicators will enable customer service team at Innovative Widgets to have a successful relationship with its customers. The customer should be greeted courteously and the name of the customer service provider be given. The customer service team member should listen fully to what the client is saying then try to collect all the facts concerning the complaint while writing them down.

It is imperative to ask questions then a summary of what the customer is saying should be made (Grönroos, 2007). Customer service team member should never have arguments with the client. Apologies should be made for any poor service or product fault. It is important to be sympathetic so that the client feels he or she is honored. Engage the customer by asking him or her how they would like the complaint resolved (Buttle, 2004). Through monitoring these key indicators of performance the customer service team will demonstrate good customer relation.

A questionnaire to gather customer feedback Companies all over the world that have the best customer feedback and satisfaction all share one thing. They all actually care about their clients and allot resources that guarantee they have excellent client feedback questionnaire. A client feedback questionnaire is considered as the best method of finding out the way satisfied clients are, and find ways of improving service or product (Grönroos, 2007). Below is a sample used to gather customer feedback at the Innovative Widgets. The following questions are intended to help the company monitor as well as improve the service level provided to our customers. 1.

What do you like most about Innovative Widgets? 2. What do you like least about Innovative Widgets? 3. If there is only one thing missing from Innovative Widgets, what do you think that would be? 4. What thing would you remove from Innovative Widgets if given a chance to? 5. What would you like to see improved at Innovative Widgets? Report containing recommendations for customer service improvement 3-4 recommendations suitable to problems Finding the root cause of a problem is the major recommendation so that both the customer service provider and the customer come to an understanding and find a way forward.

In terms of managing customer service and customer relationships one of the constant challenges that successful businesses experience is in optimizing client satisfaction as well as customer relationship management development (Payne & Frow, 2013). Therefore so as to establish effective strategy particular major practices are needed such as understanding the general organizational mission and vision. This will lead the customer service team since they will be working toward achievement of the mission and vision.

Another major practice is defining the organization’s customer service values, slogan and direction. The most significant part of managing quality customer service delivery is identifying and acknowledging previous mistakes that were made (Grönroos, 2007). Creating a strong, healthy client-supplier relationships institute the foundation of a successful business (Schermerhorn, 2005). Companies that suffer due to damaged, weakened, or severed relationships eventually lose to their competitors. Procuring appropriate technology to address customer needs is important because client needs will be met while the business needs such as customer satisfaction will be achieved (Grönroos, 2007).

Appropriate technology is normally identified as encircling technological application and choice that is decentralized, labor-intensive, small-scale, environmentally sound, energy-efficient, and controlled locally (Pearce et al, 2012). Reference Buttle, F, 2004, Customer relationship management: Concepts and tools, Amsterdam: Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann. Pearce, J, Albritton, S, Grant, G, Steed, G & Zelenika I, 2012, A new model for enabling innovation in appropriate technology for sustainable development. Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy 8(2), 42-53. Payne, A & Frow, P, 2013, Strategic customer management: Integrating relationship marketing and CRM. Grönroos, C, 2007, Service management and marketing: Customer management in service competition, Chichester, West Sussex, England: J.

Wiley & Sons. Schermerhorn, JR, 2005, Management, New York: J. Wiley.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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