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The paper "Types of Business Documents" is an outstanding example of a business assignment. Reports – this refers to the different documents that are prepared to convey information in a format that is formal and longer than a general letter (Berger 45). These documents can be used to cover different topics including sales figures, feasibility studies, safety compliance, and financial data among others (Berger 65). Transactional Documents – these refer to documents that indicate the kinds of transactions that the business has with its clients. They are usually brief and summarized to make it easy reading and preparation so as there is effective communication.

They are therefore presented as order forms, invoices, receipts among others (Berger 112). Financial documents – these refer to the documents that are prepared for the purposes of indicating the financial performance of a business. They are usually within the budget proposals and tax returns and help to give a good idea of how a business is performing in terms of its financial development and growth in the market (Cropper & Dibbens 56). Emails and Memorandums – these are business documents that are used to convey information within the organization and sometimes outside the organization.

Emails have become prevalent nowadays because of the convenience that comes with their usage and they have increasingly replaced memorandums which are basically letters addressed to a specific topic required and focused on a specific group of people (Cropper & Dibbens 102). Letters – these are business documents that are mainly used to communicate with individuals outside the office. These documents are aimed at providing different information to customers, colleagues, service providers, and other professionals that are involved with a given business (Cropper & Dibbens 76). Business Cards – these are documents that are used to provide contact information and location of businesses to prospective customers and business associates. Fax documents – these provide a very fast and effective way of sharing business documents in paper format either colored or black and white (Cropper & Dibbens 87). Minutes – these refer to a type of business documents that record details of what has been agreed during meetings and serve as records of what was discussed in the meeting (Cropper & Dibbens 18).

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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