Essays on Managing Customer Contact Information Assignment

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The paper "Managing Customer Contact Information" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. A business plan and budget play a significant role in keeping track of the process of the business entity. The fact that budgets and plans are tailored in a way that they determine the present and future success of an entity, they ought to put into consideration the information needs of the business. Information is vital in any business entity as it helps monitor the main drivers of the business. Therefore, analyzing the business plan or budget helps in the identification of the weak points of the management as well as getting feedback from customers hence improving the way a business operates. What is the difference between a Call Centre and a Contact Centre? A call centre is a centralized location that is used for the transmission of customer requests via telephone.

In addition to telephone, call centres also use other communication channels such as letters, emails, faxes and social media among others. In a call centre, people call to make inquiries, which are responded to by call centre agents.

On the other hand, a contact centre is a central place in a business entity where customer interaction takes place. Unlike in call centres, contact centres give room for customer relationships hence getting valuable information from them. No agents are involved in contact centres since the customer relationship is direct. What are Call Centre pathways? Information in call centres is transmitted through these channels. Call centre pathways work by transporting data from one point to another in this case from the call centre agent to the customer and vice versa. Most often than not, the call centre pathways are normally linked together by a set of new technologies referred to as computer telephony integration.

As such, a call centre pathway can be simply defined as the channel through which information is transmitted between the call centre agent and the customer. Examples include emails, web-based contacts, internal transfers, and automated call distribution (ACD) among others.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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