Essays on Diving Into Fundamental Differences Or Organizational Change Management Assignment

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The paper "Diving Into Fundamental Differences Or Organizational Change Management" Is a great example of a Management Assignment. The DET policy comprised of all the main legislations which include the Gender Equality Act. Moreover, the various documents which are related to the DET policy have indicated the significance of creating equal job opportunities, sex discrimination, racial discrimination, disability discrimination, and gender quality. However, for the case of sex discrimination and disability discrimination have been given equal weight. In addition, the DET policy has ensured that equal opportunities are provided in the employment sectors without favoring any group of individuals because of various reasons such as their gender, ethnicity, sex or even disability (Van, 683).

For instance, the department of education has embraced the necessity of the aspect of diversity in their workforce as a way of improving the education quality they provide. Furthermore, the DET policy has used the workforce difference to incorporate a broad range of skills, ideas as well as knowledge of the workforce. Importantly, the policy also makes sure that the staff members are elected to their positions according to their merit in order to provide people with equitable access to job opportunities.

In addition, the DET policy has facilitated professional improvement as well as the participation of people in the workplace. 2. Identify where in the existing Policy the principles of diversity are evident. The diversity principles were highly recognized in all the various aspects of the DET policy. Moreover, these principles usually provide a clear definition of the term diversity as used in the policy. The term diversity simply means the creation of equal opportunities for employment in a given workplace.

Some of the groups which should be provided with equal job opportunities include; the disabled people, ethnic groups, minority groups, women and also religious groups (Van, 685). In addition, the main objective of the aspect of diversity in a workplace is actually to ensure that employees who have different backgrounds, educational levels, skills and also experience provide their contribution to the organization. Therefore, it is quite necessary to create awareness in an organization about the importance of managing workforce diversity successfully. Besides, through the establishment of the workforce diversity plan, people would clearly understand the exact meaning of the DET policy as well as its significance.

Also, the diversity plan motivates every individual to take part in the proper implementation of the DET policy (Van, 688). However, in the process of managing the aspect of diversity, its advantages should be fully maximized whereas its disadvantages should be minimized in various organizations. 3. Are the strategies and measures of success in the implementation documents relevant to the objectives of the policy? Both the evaluation plan and the aspect of monitoring the DET policy have been clearly outlined in the workforce diversity plan, and both of them are quite relevant to the policy objectives.

For instance, it has been clearly stated that the general manager who is in charge of the Human Resources shall be the head of the initiative and therefore should take the required measures to make sure that, the DET policy has been strictly followed. Moreover, apart from the general managers, the senior officers such as the supervisors in an organization are also instructed to motivate the employees in doing their duties.

In addition, the management of all working organizations is usually required to promote, monitor and also make a report concerning the progress of their organization.

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