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Executive SummaryThe purpose of this business case is to determine that the overall net cost/benefit of American Forestry Association (AFA) is unacceptable and significantly unusual from the modern IT trade trends. To begin with, I was sanguine that tablet introduction phase would be vital for AFA. Conversely, due to the distinctiveness of AFA functionalities and the recommendations attained from reticent solution study, this business case has acknowledged $ 550K NPV. IT investments are convoluted; nonetheless, intricate decisions must be implemented within the premeditated framework of the AFA administration. This business case seeks for various alternatives and has consulted several other tablet deployments in similar ministries.

It is fundamental to note that pecuniary estimates are forecast over a span of 5 years and are not guaranteed to occur. As such, risk assessments on the estimates have been completed to account for prospective future feasibility. Although data for AFA has been collected in the field, there no indications of other distinctiveness that could support introduction of the tablet gadgets to substitute the already in existence checklist system. Indicated below are characteristics that characteristically drive tablet investments, currently not in the AFA. No fines and/or extra revenueIt is not inventory drivenNo considerable benefit from business progressive improvements such as reduction in human capital and decreased information publishing costs. No protection, health or safety issue.

No need for legislation for tabletsNo significant quality benefits such as improved staff efficiency, increased staff morale. No competitive advantage driver.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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