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Teacher: October 31, 2007University: Selection of Hr Service/Process within OrganizationTo fill the jobs, lets say at the entry level, there is an availability of college graduates. Their specialization may be in different fields. Some of the employers seek for the graduates who possess a background in business or have a technical experience at their hand. It is the requirement for a technical kind of job that the person needed should be having relevant experience in their field. This is the case for the advance level jobs. The employers tend to create competition in order to have an excess supply of college graduate and the workers having handful experience at their hand. The managers for employment with the support from placement managers are required to be useful in the hiring process.

The people required to recruit are supposed to be in contact with the society and also involved in traveling in the quest of search of the applicants for jobs. They are required to provide guidelines and set up the procedures and processes for recruitment. The process requires the analysts to be involved in the research activities, particularly in the case of larger firms.

The analyst is concerned to classify the systems and research about the measures required in the related study. To form an effective system in payrolls, which is primarily the job of a person named as compensation manger? His setting up the system of pays is also an integral part of the hiring process. It is often the compensation manager who are required to control and mange the evaluation performance of firm. Next comes the role of the benefit manager who looks after the programs meant for providing benefits for the employees.

Main activities of benefit manager comprise the plans of health insurance and not to maintain, implement and supervise the pension plans. In addition there are some firs who also offer accidental insurance and life insurance for the employees. These activities are also included in the HR process of a firm. The HR process then includes the services of welfare manager. The are basically required to ensure and maintain different programs of safety and health, fitness and medical treatment. The necessary counseling should also be added in the process of HR.

There are training managers who specialize in organizing the training programs for the employees. The management of the day is increasingly recognizing the gravity of training which could result in the enhancement of skills and also proves as a motivational tool for the employees. The enhancement of the abilities and capabilities of the employees have become a necessary element for the better results and productivity in the employees and thus training and development are the tools which can achieve such goals. Training and development also helps an organization to be compatible to the dynamic of technological innovations and the environmental improvements.

Proper skills are to be inducted in this regard and this could only be achieved through training and development of the employees. The managers of the training can use the classrooms inside the organization or outside. They are required to provide the material required for training and to use all the skills for keeping the class involvement high. Thus the process explained above and the inclusion of different person in an organization are involved in the HR process which can support for getting inducted the right persons for right jobs and enhancing their skills over time through different training and development programs.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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