Essays on Managing Human Resource Services and Managing Risk - JKL Industries Case Study

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The paper 'Managing Human Resource Services and Managing Risk - JKL Industries " is a good example of a human resources case study.   The overlying mission statement for JKL Industries is to provide outstanding and innovative products that meet customer demands and needs. This will enrich the lives of many people around the world. JKL has adopted a number of strategies that will ensure the above mission statement is achieved. SWOT Analysis A SWOT analysis of JKL Industries involves the elucidation of its natural weaknesses and strengths along with its threats and external opportunities.

This allows the company to develop and utilize its strength taking advantage of the available market opportunities, covering threats while lessening its weaknesses. The SWOT analysis for JKL Industries has been described below: Strengths: JKL has well-established distribution channels that enable it to distribute its products all over the market. JKL enjoys as the leading company in supplying forklifts, small, medium, and large trucks in Australia. The company has mastered the art of High technological expertise to manufacture innovative and high-quality products. JKL enjoys Extensive domain knowledge of the electronics industry ensuring that its customers enjoy innovative products.

The company has set an example when it comes to employing traditional distribution networks. With its advanced R& D units, JKL continues to offer safe and innovative products to its customers. It has successfully maintained its market position and competition courtesy of its High technological expertise. Weaknesses: Despite being the market leader in the industry, JKL appears to be weak concerning geographic concentration. It enjoys a high margin in the business of electronics but suffers from a low market share. This is because the company has not established its presence in the overseas hospitality electronics markets. Opportunities: there is an increasing market in the hotel industry that seeks the introduction of innovative products across the board.

JKL Industries has diverse preferences at hand, which it can utilize to manufacture innovative products.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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