Essays on Strategic Human Resources Management of Attica Restaurant Case Study

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The paper "Strategic Human Resources Management of Attica Restaurant" is a perfect example of a case study on human resources. Attica, located in Melbourne, Australia, is a fine-dining restaurant which both operated and owned by the one Ben Shewry. This restaurant has won various awards since the year 2010. Attica holds a position among the top 50 restaurants in Australia. This restaurant has always stood out because they always strive to do their own unique things that do not copy any other restaurant. Aside from this, Attica has always taken into consideration their staff members because they are the ones who play a critical role in ensuring that the customers derive satisfaction from visiting the restaurant.

The mission of this firm is to create ensures uniqueness and quality in all its services without copying whatsoever. Aim of Strategic HR Strategic Plan The primary goal of the HR strategic plan is stabilizing and modernizing the Human Resource system; which entails the organization, processes, and people (Daley, 121). This is to be done through building its infrastructure followed by revolutionizing the core areas so that there could be a proactive response to Attica’ s increasing needs of its workforce that plays a central role in the success of the restaurant.

Following this, there was the recognition of the necessity of an effective long-term plan was which is what led to forming this Human Resource Strategic Plan. This plan is intended to support the mission of Attica Restaurant. Additionally, this plan will reflect the Human Resource’ s cornerstones which will, in turn, inform the way the workforce will operate presently as well as in the future regarding communication, collaboration, and accountability.

Ultimately, this strategic plan will entail the strategies and goals which will be helpful in modernizing and stabilizing the Human Resource System in particular areas of retention, development, as well as acquisition. Stakeholders in the Planning The stakeholders who will participate in the planning process of this Human Resource strategic plan are the Human Resource manager who will be the leader, the overall organization manager, some employees, and a representative of the shareholder’ s committee.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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