Essays on Manage Innovation and Continuous Improvement Assignment

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The paper "Manage Innovation and Continuous Improvement" is an outstanding example of an essay on management. Change is an essential factor in the growth of any organization or a given institution. It signifies the flexibility of advancement in the organization. Change can propel the growth of an organization if the right strategies are put in place. It influences a new level of control and promotes the desired system of management. Change can act as a prefigure of the impending success or failure of an organization. This is to say that the vision of the organization depends much on the current change to structure a vision.

The purpose of the change is to accommodate new ideas that might lead to the prosperity of an organization. Change can support the scope of an organization since all the decisions made must be connected to the implemented change. External and internal environment The external and internal environments are both equally affected by the change. These are sections that can as well influence change. The relevant internal and external environments are related to change in an organization as they promote positive or negative related change.

In this organization, the change brought has enabled a positive interaction between the management and the workers. This is a positive sign of a positive internal environment. The internal environment is the internal driving forces that control the running of an organization. Updated technology and culture of the organization influence its running (Fullan 67). A change in the internal structure can influence the management and operation of an organization. In this organization, the effected change has helped the management of the organization as it has eased the monitoring of work in various departments.

The external environment is the driving factor that occurs outside the organization. For instance, a fluctuation in the overall economy of a place can affect production and the operation of an organization thus change in the organization is vital when it is faced with such encounters. Flexibility in this organization has quickly accommodated the change in the workforce making it easy for the organization to counter economic strains that have been a problem in the business sector for a long time. Change can not be forced but change projects can be successful if well planned and implemented.

The organization has developed work models that suit its workforce. For change to occur a strategic plan has to been plotted so as to analyze its strength and weaknesses. Linear steps have been followed from the basis of the models so as to foster successful work models. The first step, in this case, has been to identify functional requirements for the workforce. This is done through planning and budgeting strategically. It is important to carry out workforce analysis.

Carrying out the workforce analysis has helped the organization determine the current workforce and compare it to the future workforce if the change will be fully effected. Identification of supply and demand analysis has been done to determine the workforce required thus the kind of change needed in case of future adjustments. A working strategy has been developed which will oversee the solution in case of shortages and reduced surplus.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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