Essays on 5 Types of Formal Meetings That Might Be Held in a Workplace Assignment

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The paper "5 Types of Formal Meetings That Might Be Held in a Workplace " is a perfect example of a management assignment. Annual General Meeting- This type of meeting occurs yearly and it is a meeting where the progress of an organization or business is discussed the past year and the shareholders and employees also strategize what to do in the following year.   Project meetings- People gather from various departments working together to accomplish a specific task i. e. developing a new product. Staff meetings- This helps to keep the staff or employees informed concerning issues that affect their work. Sales Conference- Sales team and other employees gather together for a sales conference and the conference can be used to launch initiatives like announcing a new product and communicating with the employees about the plan of the company for the next year. Collaborative Meetings- This is a meeting where managers and employees come together and work closely on projects with external groups such as suppliers and business partners.

This reinforces business relationships. How do you ensure that the formal meetings you organize are productive and effective, not simply time-wasters?

Discuss in 85 words Consider the desired outcome- Take some time to consider the reason why a meeting is necessary by identifying its purpose, the expected outcome from the meeting and the impact that you hope to have. Create an Agenda- The agenda outlines the plan of the meeting, what to expect from the meeting, the topics to be discussed, specifies the context and scope, the key issues and the goals to be achieved. It is best when the agenda is sent out before the meeting because it provides time for others to plan and prepare too.

This helps to avoid wasting valuable time during the meeting. Identify the key and relevant persons that you need in the meeting and invite them. Present the issues on the agenda and stick to them focusing on the desired objectives. Ensure you have readily available reports and data needed. Start and end the meeting on time.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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