Essays on Improving Rozas Situation - Managing Organizations Case Study

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The paper 'Improving Roza’ s Situation - Managing Organizations " is a good example of a management case study. Managing organizations is an important aspect for any organization which wants to excel in the competitive market. When an organization is well managed, it will be easier to implement any change in the organization. Change can be instituted in an organization by first assessing the need for change and the best way to provide a solution to the change (Wheatley 2004). The stakeholders of the organization should be involved in implementing any change in the organization.

In this discussion, therefore, the main emphasis which is discussed is how organizations are managed and how to develop various alternatives for the better performance of the organization. Part A a) It is important to clarify what the problem is before finding a solution to it because it helps to provide information which is relevant so that the solution to the problem could address the real problem (Quinn 1996). Understanding how the problem starts is also important because it helps the problem provider to find the root cause of the problem so that when weighing the alternatives for providing a solution to the problem the solution will be able to address the root cause of the problem and could not occur again in the organization. b) When providing an idea for improvement, the advantages and disadvantages should be considered because this will help to ensure that the idea has more advantages than disadvantages and could help to improve on the situation being addressed (Wheatley 2004).

It is always important to do this as it will help to provide the best idea among many.

Without considering the advantages and disadvantages, the wrong idea may be selected hence it is important to consider the benefits of each idea available. Part B Instead of printing and distributing out a hard copy of the minutes of the staff meeting, email them instead. Idea Advantages Disadvantages Consequences: positive (√ )and negative (X) Instead of printing and distributing out a hard copy of the minutes of the staff meeting, email them instead. Emailing saves the organization from paperwork. Emails are faster when compared to distributing copies. Emails can be retrieved anywhere from the computer unlike copies. It is cheap to email employees than sending copies. The same email can be sent to many people at the same time than copies which need to be photocopied. The email can only be accessed when there is internet access. Email attachments can easily spread the computer virus and destroy the message being passed. It is not guaranteed that the recipient can read the email immediately until he or she opens the email address. The positive consequence of email is that it can improve the attendance of the meeting as each employee is reached by the email. The negative effect is that only employees who have accessed the email can attend the meeting hence the attendance may be low if fewer people use their emails frequently. Part C It is important to talk about new ideas of improvement with other people in the same work area because of the following reasons; First, it helps to enable other people to understand the need for the idea for improvement.

The other people in the same work area will understand how the idea will help to improve the organization (Scholtes 1998). Another reason is to ensure there is no resistance when implementing the new idea.

The people will support the idea once they understand how the idea will improve the operations. In addition, it will help to motivate other people. This is because they will feel part of the idea once they are consulted and will develop a positive attitude towards the idea. Finally, talking with other people about a new idea will help to improve the relationship between the people in the same department hence they will work together in a teamwork spirit. Part D a) The advantages of a better duty roaster are; First, it will help to motivate the employees.

This is because the employees will have time to rest and feel fresh hence they will be motivated to offer better customer service (Maxwell 1998). Another advantage is that it will break the monotony of work among the employees. When the employees break for some time, they will refresh their mind and this will help to break the monotony of their work. Finally, having a break every after three hours will enable the employees to improve the service they provide to their customers as they will enjoy their work as they will not get tired.

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