Essays on Managing Organisation Change for State Airline Case Study

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The paper 'Managing Organisation Change for State Airline " is a good example of a management case study. Many factors trigger the need for change in an organisation. Organisation change entails the process whereby an organisation changes its strategies, operations and structure to effect change within its business surrounding. In order for a change process to be effective, a change management strategy is required (Sirkin, Perry and Alan, 2005). Change management can be defined as the study of ways to integrate change without affecting organisational culture or its effectiveness.

When change is implemented in an organisation, there may result in resistance. Resistance to change may be due to fear or uncertainty (Sirkin, Perry and Alan, 2005). Therefore, organisational leaders should develop a change management strategic approach to enabling organisational change that leads to organisational effectiveness. There are many reasons why change is required in an organisation. Some of these reasons include the desire for growth, competition, need for improvement and technological changes (Sirkin, Perry and Alan, 2005). There have been dramatic changes that have affected the airline industry. These changes have affected State Airlines which is now struggling to get back to being one of the top airlines in the United States.

In order to do this, there are many changes the airline is required to undertake. This report will detail out the change requirements for State Airline. It will also highlight an effective strategy to be adopted by the airline in managing organisational change and will present a change plan to be adopted by the airline. Change Requirements State Airlines is faced with many challenges as a result of changes in the airline industry.

Some of the changes include intensive competition from Low-Cost Carriers, ensuring the safety and security of its passengers, labour and fuel cost increases, increasing congestion and flight delay and poor service. In order to overcome these problems, State Airlines must undertake organisational change.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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