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The paper “ Is Performance Management Different from Performance Appraisal? ” is a thrilling example of the assignment on human resources. For organizations to achieve their goals, they must promote and improve their employees’ effectiveness. This process must be continuous in a bid to ensure that the employees always have up to date skills that will enable them to achieve the organizational goals. The process through which the management achieves this is referred to as performance management. In other words, performance management is a continuous process that involves both the managers and employees working together in planning, monitoring and reviewing of employee’ s work goals and objectives as well as their overall contribution to the organization.

The sole aim of performance management is therefore to ensure continuous employee improvement and thereby improving the overall employee performance. This paper is aimed at revealing my understanding of what performance management is. In so doing, the paper first defines what performance management is. Then the paper details what performance management is. The second section of the paper differentiates performance management and performance appraisal. Performance managementJames (2015) defines performance management as a systematic process through which the organization involves its staff members both as individuals and as members of the group in the improvement of organizational effectiveness in the achievement of organizational goals and mission.

As such, performance management can, therefore, be defined as the process through which managers and members of staff collaborate in planning, monitoring, and reviewing the worker’ s work objectives as well as their contribution to the firm. Performance management is more than the normal yearly performance review. This is because it is a continuous process of objective setting, progress assessment as well as the provision of ongoing coaching and feedback in a bid to ensure that the workers are able to meet their career goals and objectives.

As such, for an organization to achieve its objectives, it needs to put in place an effective performance management system.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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