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The paper “ Manage People Performance” is an outstanding example of the assignment on human resources. It is vital to consult with other crucial personnel in the sales department regarding resource and work allocation as a CA Retail department sales manager. Notably, this is due to the alignment of the output of an organization with its input that is required as well as the actions taken for the achievement of such outputs. As such, the output can be achieved by proper consultation with the subordinate staff that a manager is responsible for within the store.

Essentially, these individuals are fundamental to the conversion of the work plans into achievements. The structure of the company in the CA department store indicates that the individuals that are consulted include the managers of the team leaders and department stores. Question one cThe working plan table for the department managers indicates the tasks that are in line with the policy of organization regarding the roles of the heads of departments as well as the development of customer service. Besides, the table indicates how individual tasks are kept in line with the results and the timeline in which the activities must begin in preparation for the fourth quarter.

On the second working plan, the table indicates how the sales team leaders guide the activities of the sales personnel to facilitate the achievement of the fourth-quarter targets. The table indicates how the sales personnel activities align with the targets of the CA departmental stores. In addition to liaising with the merchandising and marketing departments to achieve successful marketing, the training for the sales personnel is prior to the commencement of the fourth quarter thus ensuring a successful period. Question one dCommunicating via email by forwarding work plan copies to sales team leaders and department heads ensures an effective communication system.

Notably, this form of communication is effective, faster, and personalized to each head of the department. Email communication is an effective form of communication among the departments and scheduling staff meetings thus allowing work plan adjustment and feedback easier.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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